Fearless Freedom: Becoming SoulFire

Fearless Freedom is a book that represents the journey of the unawakened to the awakened one. The time is NOW. Discover, Uncover, Awaken and be truly free. Now available for purchase.

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My interview—Channel 1 FiOS. Look for the whales jumping out of ocean toward end!

Goddess Yoga Pose

Yoga Pose of the Month

Peaceful Warrior, sometimes referred to as Reverse Warrior. Don’t be fooled by the easeful look of this pose. It is not an easy one! It requires strength and flexibility in the legs and hips as well as openness in the side body. It is challenging but the rewards are great. This pose helps you to feel rooted and grounded, yet light and free. Open your heart and reach for the stars!

Learn how! Come to one of my classes or take a private session with me! Fly free!!!

Please see my Yoga Pose of the Month Library for past poses you may have missed.

Health Tip of the Month

Rescue a doggie!
Most of you don’t know how much I eat, but I never say no to food. I don’t have any restrictions when it comes to food, I eat everything! The key to staying slim is staying active. I used to live at the gym—my license plate used to say GYMGIRL. Now I prefer to do natural exercise, like walking. I walk Karma everyday at least 45 minutes, plus my daily yoga practice. So my health tip of the month is to rescue a doggie, love and care for it and not only will your immune system stay strong by keeping your heart open but you will stay in great shape.

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Ignite Your Soul Fire

Heal, balance, thrive, be true to you.

New!!! Fearless Freedom Online Book Discussion

Thursday, April 19th from 8:30-9:30pm
After reading my book I am sure you have questions, comments and stories you would like to share. To make it more accessible for people we will be doing it online through ZOOM.

$12 Exchange
Register and pay online

We Got Your Back Workshop

Sunday April 22nd from 12-2pm
Join Dr. Rick Mabanta and SoulFire for one of these specially created 2-hour workshop to educate and move you to the next level of optimal health and wellness.

Location: The Holistic Center for Soulful Living
811 W. Jericho Turnpike Suite 203E
Smithtown, NY 11787

$55 | Bring a friend $45 each
Register and pay online

Join Dana & SoulFire at the Beach

Sunday, April 29th from 9:30am to 12pm

Join SoulFire and Dana Livoti from Intuition in this peaceful and powerful event.

Location: Robert Moses Beach
$20 Exchange
Learn more…

spiritual counseling and healing session

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Client Testimonials

See more testimonials for SoulFire.

I have practicing dentistry for 32 years now pain-free. I started suffering with back pain for about 7 months and after many days of taking medication—from steroid injections in my back to Advil every day—I was given the name of a yoga instructor, SoulFire. I never thought that yoga would be my answer and was hesitant after hearing many stories of how you can hurt yourself with yoga. After speaking with SouFire and explained my condition I felt more at ease. She is very compassionate and only helps you do yoga based on your own flexibility—this is why you should start with a private yoga instructor. Who would of thought that SouFire would be my answer to practicing dentistry and enjoying my life pain-free again. As a dentist we all know what it is to practice with back pain. Imagine no more pain at the office and at home! An added benefit that I was not expecting is that you even sleep a lot better. SoulFire is passionate about helping people and it shows. She will help you treat your back pain in a caring and compassionate way. Thank you SoulFire for giving me my life, energy, and flexibility back again.

Dr. Ira Koeppel

Koeppel Dental Group

At the age of 19 while playing football I sustained a devastating knee injury. Doctors told me that I will never compete on the field at the same level ever again. I continued to play, which wasn’t a smart idea. Fast forward, four surgeries later, my knee issues worsened.

As a video journalist, I lug a camera and equipment, ignoring the obvious pain in my knee. I have had interns that have carried the 40 pound bags, but more often I perform solo. I visited several doctors, who have all told me that the only thing that will correct my knee is a “knee replacement,” all I could think about was the pain of yet another surgical procedure.

I produced a story on a woman named SoulFire. Her story introduced me to yoga, stretching and proper massages. After SoulFire instructed me on “how to stretch to strengthen,” I followed her videos on her website. After two weeks, the lingering pain in my knee began to dissipate. I could walk up steps a little faster. Four solid months of the SoulFire “workout,” I no longer need a knee replacement!!! My next venture, it’s on to her yoga classes….SoulFire taught me to “invest in yourself.” I no longer desire to live in the “survival only” rat race. Thank you SoulFire!

Archie Snowden

Video Journalist

I met SoulFire through Keith Boos at Boos Fitness when I was looking for a personal trainer. I began training with her twice a week to get in better shape for my wedding but it became much more than that for me. I look forward to my weekly workouts with SoulFire because of the knowledge she shares about fitness, nutrition and life in general. My wedding is over now and I’m still dedicated to this fitness journey and continuing to utilize what I’ve learned. SoulFire is an amazing trainer because she really tailors each workout to make sure you will see the results you are looking for. I’m so thankful our paths crossed when they did!

Valerie Esposito

Ignite Your Soulfire

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