Fearless Freedom: Becoming SoulFire

Fearless Freedom is a book that represents the journey of the unawakened to the awakened one. The time is NOW. Discover, Uncover, Awaken and be truly free.

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My interview—Channel 1 FiOS. Look for the whales jumping out of ocean toward end!

Goddess Yoga Pose

Yoga Pose of the Month

Goddess Pose
Activate your divine feminine with this simple but powerful pose. Grounding and centering and calming at the same time. There are many variations to this pose. When you add the heel raises it strengthens your legs, feet and ankles like crazy. Focus on opening your heart center in this pose and breathing deeply down into Mother Earth and radiate it back up through your heart and out through your hands. I am woman, I am strong, I am powerful, I am rooted, I am.

Learn how! Come to one of my classes or take a private session with me! Fly free!!!

Please see my Yoga Pose of the Month Library for past poses you may have missed.

Health Tip of the Month

The most important health tip of your life:
Our body has an innate operating system, the “smart body,” that is listening to every thought we think and every word we say. Our cells are listening. We are a soul in a physical vessel. We can change our body with the thoughts and the images we hold in our mind. We have a new body every 7 years or so, including a new skeleton, and we are in a daily continuous regeneration. Billions of cells die and are reproduced every day without us doing one conscious thing. Because these minute subtle alterations happen daily without us doing one thing, we don’t see it and therefore we don’t think we have the power to change and heal ourselves through our thoughts, but science has proven this is not so. Our physical body is the 3-D image of what we are thinking. What we believe about ourselves is the most important information and knowledge we can have. WE ARE A MIRACLE, beyond all miracles! I have healed myself with simply my thoughts and beliefs, over and over again. I am a walking living breathing miracle. And so are you!

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Watch SoulFire’s appearance on the The Grace Grella Show.

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Client Testimonials

See more testimonials for SoulFire.

I started taking yoga with SoulFire ten years ago. Yes, it was yoga, but it was so much more! I had taken other yoga classes, but SoulFire’s class was different. Not only was the yoga great, but I found that I walked away from each class with special gifts. Sometimes there was a meaningful song, other times the name of an insightful book, and often, it was an inspirational quote or story. All of these things, along with the yoga, contributed to my profound healing and growing…body, mind, and spirit. It was a truly a journey for me. Today, I am still being inspired by SoulFire’s unique style of yoga. She is a true healer and beacon of light, and plants the seeds for learning and growth in all of her students. I feel blessed to have SoulFire in my life! <3 Lisa M.

I have always dreamed of having a yoga practice where I fully integrate all the aspects of the yoga teachings in my daily life. I spent many years exploring a variety of classes trying to convince myself I finally found “the one” until I began practicing with SoulFire. Anne Oliveri

As a CrossFit Box owner I know there is a direct correlation between core strength and flexibility between our program and what Soulfire has to offer! I have seen an increase in flexibility and core strength, not only in my members, but also myself. Soulfire is helping us keep our members healthier, stronger, and more mobile on a weekly basis. She is an excellent instructor and an even better person! Thank you Soulfire for all you do for us at CrossFit Undivided. Michael Van Bourgondien

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