I have so much to share about my journey that I wrote a book!

In the meantime here are some of the highlights or what I consider make me unique…

What I’ve been through in my life helps me connect to people on an authentic level. I believe compassion is my greatest strength, however, I balance that with passion and strength. I know that if I can change my life from pain and suffering into freedom, peace and true happiness then it is possible for anyone.

I have experience in the corporate world as a former financial consultant and experience in the gym world as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I also competed in triathlons and long distance open water swims. I studied various forms of martial arts as well. I have helped people from all ages and have worked with athletes, kids, seniors, people with disabilities, injuries and limitations.

Out of all the things I have accomplished what makes me the most proud is being a parent. It was challenging, especially as a single mother, but my daughter turned out to be there best thing that ever happened to me as she was the catalyst in my healing. She is an amazing, happy, healthy, conscious and most importantly kind, young adult that is making a difference in the world. You can’t ask for more than that!

I am a voracious reader and will never stop learning and growing. Also, I have an intuitive nature that guides me in giving each person exactly what they need. I have been told by my angels that I am “the spark that engages the fire in one’s soul,” and have also been told my hands are like jumper cables and feel like motherly love. There’s nothing that makes me happier than being able to help someone heal.

I am not driven by the dollar, never have been. I am driven by love and the pure intention to be of the greatest service and healing balm to the world. I created a life style that is simple so I can have balance in my life and enjoy it. A quote that I live by is from Martin Luther King Jr., “Use me God. Show me how to take who I am, who I want to be, and what I can do, and use it for a purpose greater than myself.”

My goal is to help each person wake up to the miracle that they are. Every soul matters. Heal yourself and the world heals. There is no more important mission on the planet right now.

To learn more look for my book: Fearless Freedom, Becoming SoulFire

"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection." ~Buddha