Personal Training

I have been a personal trainer since 1998. I love to exercise and do anything physical. My favorite form of movement is dance, yoga, qigong, swimming, walking and hiking. In my second part of life I hope to get into surfing.

I competed in all natural body building and fitness competitions when I was 30 years old. I learned how to completely transform my physical body in six months. Drawing on my personal experience and my certifications with other fitness modalities: boxing, martial arts, pilates, yoga, qigong and swimming, I tailor a work out to each individuals needs, safely and effectively. Because of the various injuries and disabilities i’ve suffered, I make sure your exercise program is safe. I am a stickler for form and alignment. Even so, I am known to give a kick butt workout without using any weights, just body weight. My favorite compliment is, “You are strong but gentle.” I will kick your butt kindly!

Most importantly I assist you in better communication with your body, honoring your temple and learning to love your self and your body.