Personal Training

I have been a personal trainer since 1998. I love to exercise and do anything physical. My favorite forms of movement are dance, yoga, qigong, swimming, walking and hiking. In my second part of life I hope to get into surfing.

I competed in all natural body building and fitness competitions when I was 30 years old. I learned how to completely transform my physical body in six months. Drawing on my personal experience and my certifications with other fitness modalities: boxing, martial arts, pilates, yoga, qigong and swimming, I tailor a work out to each individuals needs, safely and effectively. Because of the various injuries and disabilities I’ve suffered, I make sure your exercise program is safe. I am a stickler for form and alignment. Even so, I am known to give a kick butt workout without using any weights, just body weight. My favorite compliment is, “You are strong but gentle.” I will kick your butt kindly!

Most importantly I assist you in better communication with your body, honoring your temple and learning to love your self and your body.

Investment: Rates start at $100 per session and up

Fully licensed and insured.
Currently serving the Kona area on the Big Island, Hawaii.
Serving Long Island, Fire Island, and NYC the summer of 2019.

Available to travel abroad for workshops and retreats.

The fees will vary according to the service provided, travel time and distance. Discounts given for purchasing sessions upfront. I am flexible with my fees, sometimes using the barter system and will not turn away someone if they don’t have the money.

Gift Certificates for All Services Now Available

Cancellation Policy: Please note, full rate charged if cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled appointment.

Testimonials for Personal Training

“SoulFire has been training us for over nine years now and we have never felt better. She pushes us harder than we would on our own and that’s what makes the big difference. She really kicks our butts and that’s why we have never felt or looked better.”
— Mike & Tracy Iovino, Oyster Bay Cove, NY

“When I met SoulFire, I was overweight, out of shape, uninspired, and depressed. SoulFire has worn many hats in my wellness journey. With each hat, she brings an open heart, intelligence, and an amazing sense of humor. As my yoga instructor, she has eased me into flexibility in such a peaceful way. At the beginning of each session, she would ask how I was doing and invite me to talk about and release any negative energy…and she would listen. Really listen. Depending on what my needs were, she would sometimes incorporate Thai massage toward the end. By the time the session was over, I felt like I was floating. Next was personal training. I felt like a warrior-in-training. I finished feeling stronger and more motivated. SoulFire truly walks her talk. That means the world to me. She is strong, healthy and beautiful, inside and out. Most importantly, she is human. Sometimes her heart hurts, but she has an unbreakable spirit that shines through in everything she does.”
— Lisa Sabosto, Center Moriches NY

“SoulFire, you have been the greatest inspiration since the universe brought us together and you shared your message and practice of Yoga! During that time you showed me meditation and I hadn’t realized it! The year you showed me yoga I had one of the truly most joyful and happiest years of my life. I meditated daily and won my first body building competition among other things. I was so happy I felt sometimes I would POP! One of the most important teachings you taught me was to quiet my mind in Shivasana and imagine lying at the bottom of the ocean….. You would say, ‘Breathe deep…. As you breath imagine each of the things floating by as a thought…. Let them float by….. Then repeat these words…. ALL IS WELL IN MY WORLD.'”
— Erik Callender
Erik Callender