Intuitive Counseling

The Law of Belief

law of beliefIn the beginning of my awakening I became a Law of Attraction practitioner. In my recent awakenings, I have come to learn that there is more to the the law of attraction and that’s why it never stuck. I learned how to manifest money and material needs but it was temporary. The Law of Attraction is the cosmetic of real creation.

We cannot manifest what we do not believe. Ultimately it’s our beliefs that become our reality, not our thoughts. If we have positive thoughts but underneath (in our sub-conscious) we don’t really believe them, we will not manifest anything. If we harbor doubt that will automatically block the creation. Doubt stems from fear which stems from forgetting. That is why people say affirmations and write them down on sticky notes and nothing happens. The Law of Belief is the ultimate law of creation.

The moment we realize who we are we no longer have to manifest anything. It goes from a mechanical exercise to an automatic response from the universe in reverberation of our vibration. Then praying for something outside of us turns into praying for something inside of us when we realize we cannot manifest what we don’t have. When we want or desire something that implies we don’t have it and that presumes lack. Lack is the illusion. All we need we have already, it’s all within. We just need to tap into it, send out the vibration of fulfillment already and the universe responds with the like energy back. And that includes love. Your prayer then becomes – help me step into the vibration of the God/Goddess that I truly am.

My counseling services will be centered around your beliefs, uncovering what is not serving you and how you can upgrade your beliefs to coincide with your vision and how you’d like to live your life. We will use a combination of discussion, meditation, visualization, journaling and reiki to balance your chakras and energy. You will always leave with homework!

Investment $80/hour

Spiritual Healing Sessions:

Combines counseling with reiki balancing and clearing, yoga postures, breathing exercises, and meditation specific to your needs that you will go home with to practice on your own.

Initial investment: $150
Follow-up sessions: $50