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Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Soulfire. Yes, that is my real name. No, my parents weren’t hippies. This name was given to me right at the 2012 shift from my guardian angel guides, specifically Archangel Michael. This is how I am known “above.” I was told my name represents my divine life purpose: to IGNITE THE FIRE in people’s souls. My gift is the intuitive ability to read or feel a person’s “flame,” and be able to prescribe what they need for maximum healing, growth and evolvement. I came here to be of service, to assist humanity ascend at this momentous but challenging time in history, the Great Awakening.

I wouldn’t be able to truly help you though if I didn’t heal myself first and go through many many dark nights of the soul. Sorrow, pain, heartache and despair were written in every chapter of my life. But I did heal myself-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You can read about my transformation from dark to light in my memoirs: Fearless Freedom Becoming SoulFire and You Are Your Own Beloved.

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Ignite Your Soul Fire

“You’ll never lose
investing in yourself.
Let me guide you down the path to true health, inner peace, joy and lasting freedom—body, mind and soul.”

— SoulFire

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We count ourselves amongst the wonderfully fortunate to benefit from Soulfire’s gifts of healing, strength and love. She is such a remarkable human being, formed by her incredible life experiences into a vital source of health and well being, physical and spiritual. It is rare to find an instructor who lives, and who so clearly demonstrates, all that she teaches. We participate in her group sessions, where we join people of many different ages, physical conditions and needs. It is wondrous how she is able to transform each into a healthier, happier and stronger individual. She understands our varied conditions and capabilities, and provides a path to renewal and achievement of the personal goals of each from the sessions. She is a very powerful source of the white light that we all need in our lives. Thank you so much Soulfire for all that you do to make our bodies and minds healthy and our lives more enriched.

Michael and Kathi M.

“I have known Soulfire for the last few months and it has already brought in noticeable changes in my actions. She has a lot of insights into enhancing every part of living life fully. More importantly, she is a very pleasant and kind person. I am grateful to have this opportunity to join her Awakening  Transformation Program!”

Venkat Mattela

I’ll preface this review by stating that I do not consider myself someone who was likely to read this book, even though I am an avid reader. Moreover, I had preconceived notions about this book which were shattered when I read it. Thus I consider my perspective significantly unique.

I thought this was a “yoga book.” I began practicing yoga almost 30 years ago to improve my martial arts and to deal with job related stress. However, I never fit the mold of the American yoga community. I’m male, Christian, love America, don’t follow wacky political movements, own guns, and eat meat.

This book transcends all that. It touched me profoundly, mostly because SoulFire is not a cookie-cutter person. She is so much more than a yoga teacher. Her story is amazing and she is a woman of extraordinary talents and sensibilities. Her story is one of hope and promise.

SoulFire made me look to my own experience, and helped me reconcile with my past trauma and pains and focus on my relationship with God. I cannot adequately describe or summarize this book but I can give an honest assessment:

No matter who you are and what you expect, reading this book will impact your life to the core and you will be happier and better for it.

Eric Mancini

SoulFire is a breath of fresh air. Working with SoulFire over the last year has drastically improved my mental and physical well-being. She is extremely knowledgeable and has introduced me to an array of tools and concepts that I use on a daily basis to improve my life. She is kind, patient and caring, and is highly dedicated to each and every client’s individual needs and will make you feel as if you are her only client. Whether she’s teaching me yoga, performing Reiki, or providing spiritual guidance, SoulFire always goes above and beyond every time we work together. Both my spiritual healer and a close friend, I cannot recommend SoulFire highly enough to anyone seeking to improve their well-being and learn to live a happier, healthier and more meaningful way of life.


Fearless Freedom Becoming SoulFireI honestly cannot say enough about this book. Its an easy read that’s writing is authentic and insightful. I struggled to put it down. I take this book to just about everywhere with me and I still re-read. I totally relate to the author’s journey. Her courage and truth in retelling her story through her pain is both inspirational and captivating. I love this book and I thank the author for her writing, and the Universe for me finding this gem.


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