a mothers loveIn Buddhism they believe that we have had hundreds and even thousands of lifetimes, and so in at least one of those lifetimes we have all been a mother. In Buddhist philosophy there is no greater love than that of a mother for her child, nor almost any greater sacrifice than a woman giving her body for the birth of a child. A mother’s love is selfless and unconditional. Motherhood is thus revered for its lessons in love and sacrifice and held as the highest love on the planet.

Since we have all been a mother at one time in our many lifetimes, lets celebrate motherhood in a different way. Not only honoring the mother of the family but honoring the love, nurturing, caring, compassion and reverence for all life that’s within all of us.  Let’s bring back the balance of the feminine to the planet. We have been living in a masculine based society for too long. And while we need that masculine energy for creation if it’s not balanced with the love and nurturing of the feminine, well…you see what’s happening on our planet.

That mother’s love which is in all of us needs to be cultivated and brought out and shared with the world so we can all live in peace and harmony once again. First we must start with the individual, and nurture and love ourselves; then we extend that love to our families, then our communities, then the world. If we all got a little more serious about the power of love that’s within us and took responsibility for our little garden of the Universe, the earth would transform.  And speaking of earth it’s no coincidence that the earth is referred to as Mother Earth. We must care and honor and tend to Her as well. Mother Earth sustains and nourishes us after all. We must water our spiritual garden and take care of each other.  Namaste!  Happy Mothers’ Day to all!