My Thank Yous

All have given me pearls of wisdom and inspiration

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”
~ Meister Eckhart

My Thank Yous

In deep love and appreciation for all of my yoga teachers, in this realm and the spirit realm; some I’ve studied with for many months and years, some only for a few hours; but all have given me pearls of wisdom and inspiration. I’ve studied with many and learned from them all. Thank you to all of my yoga students, who are in truth my teachers as well. Your love, support, own growth and encouragement have been a blessing on my path. Because of you I am inspired to keep on keepin on and to continue to grow and evolve on my journey as well. We are all in this together!

Photography by Hira Akmal and Wendy Jarva.

Laura Peragallo is the brilliant web designer who brought my vision to the light for all the world to see.

Dana Livoti is the intuitive that brings the messages from my angels to me. I am so grateful for her gifts and dedication to the Light and to have her in my life.

Ignite Your SoulfireLisa Mintz is the talented artist that designed my new logo. My logo represents an artistic version of a sunflower. The Sunflower represents, “Owning our divinity.” Becoming our God-selves, a chalice of wisdom, power and love in perfect and balanced action. The center is the new Yin/Yang for the New Earth, which came to me in a dream. If you notice there is no longer duality/polarity or black and white; it is white for Unity consciousness—our true spiritual essence—and the little black dot in the corner represents our humanity. The circle represents the sacred circle of giving and receiving, of in-breathing and out-breathing, the circle of life in which all living things come to life through the power of the Creator Mother/Father God. Sacred Geometry with the Fibonacci Sequence is seen in the center, which demonstrates the interconnectedness and Oneness of all living things. The twelve flames or petals of the sunflower represent the twelve new chakra colors we will be embracing as we ascend into our light bodies back to unity consciousness. Coalesce, Unite, Soar, Fly, Be Free, One Love.