It seems like magic moments follow me everywhere. Maybe because I look for them and expect them in eager anticipation? The land of Lemuria, aka Hawai’i, is the mecca for magic moments. So many have happened since I moved here, many of which I share in my latest book, You Are Your Own Beloved.

The latest and greatest happened on Valentine’s Day this year, 2022. I woke up knowing in my heart that I was going to swim with whales that day. I had a whale watching boat trip planned. The crew was five highly spiritual women/mermaids so I knew it was on. The captain was super cool and we had a plan.

The thing is I already knew.  The divine mother energy was strong that day and she was talking to me. Mother Gaia came to me. She knew it was a dream in my heart to be up close and personal with a whale in the ocean and receive a transmission of whale energy. She whispered in my soul, this Valentine’s Day you are going to receive the gift of pure unconditional love of the divine mother. And boy did I ever!

We were floating in the water, ti was the end of our boat tour and I knew she was coming. We had our snorkels and went under. All of a sudden this great ginormous whale comes right toward us- I mean straight on at us. For a second I got scared. Should I move?  Then at the last second mama whale took a 90 degree turn and put her baby on her back.  It was awesome- so freaking awesome. Words can’t describe the feeling of pure joy I received and gratitude. I was so moved. I received the energy and took it right into my heart.

What a gift on Valentine’s Day to receive. There is nothing more powerful than a mother’s love. I felt like this was THE MESSAGE that the world needed to hear and still needs to hear. If anything is going to save our world, it is the divine feminine energy of the mother’s love. Thank you dear sweet whales. I love you. You are always with me.