Awakening Transformation Coaching

I participated in a 40-week spiritual retreat many many moons ago. It was life changing. I loved it so much. This is where my inspiration for my one year program came from, however, mine encompasses the whole shebang! It’s not just about the spiritual, after all we all physical tangible beings in a human body so we need to put some attention and focus on our physicality.

I have put together a one year awakening program to transform your life-body, mind, heart and soul. What makes my program and teachings different from the rest is that I guide and help you to awaken to your spiritual identity. The most important part of transformation is having an understanding and INNERstanding of who you really are. When you know who you are—the truth of your core essence—then you can make lasting changes because your transformation is happening from the inside out. The other way around, the outside in, doesn’t have the same lasting effect. Not until you know in your heart who you are, you will be a slave to the ego mind and the 3D matrix.

And I’m really not teaching you anything new. Deep down and higher up, you already know who you are. I am just helping you to remember.

Client Testimonial
I have known Soulfire for the last few months and it has already brought in noticeable changes in my actions. She has a lot of insights into enhancing every part of living life fully. More importantly, she is a very pleasant and kind person. I am grateful to have this opportunity to join her Awakening Transformation Program!”
—Venkat Mattela

Areas of Focus

These are the major areas we will be focusing on, which can include relationships/family, careers/work, lifestyle/healthy eating, nutrition, time management:

  1. Physical: Healthy strong flexible vibrant body. Also includes your environment.
  2. Energetic: Up-level your vibrational frequency (VF) work with the chakras or portals
  3. Mental: Active meditation for clarity, stability, creativity. Thoughts are the cornerstone of creation.
  4. Emotional: Address and clear out emotional blockages and heart wounds so the heart can be open and give and receive love. Feelings are the fuel of creation.
  5. Spiritual: Learning, understanding and assimilating the knowledge to inner standing of who you are and how to maintain a high level of awareness throughout your day. YOUR BELIEF ABOUT YOURSELF IS EVERYTHING

Most importantly we will be talking about your dreams- your heart dreams- and how to make them a reality. After all we came here to the earth to be creators.

Along with your specialized one on one coaching you will receive free access to Living Light, my membership video portal with over 70 videos addressing your body, mind, heart and soul. It includes a free monthly live zoom class as well.

This program is tailored to your goals, needs, desires, your personality and the best way you learn. We will have a weekly zoom call which will be anywhere from 60-90 minutes. Part of it will be talk therapy, part of it will be teaching you exercise, yoga, Qi gong, meditations, 5D energetic healing practices and reviewing the past week. You will have a journal to keep track of your journey. Each week you will have an assignment. It’s up to you to follow through and implement it. I will be you guide, coach, and biggest cheerleader, but not your babysitter. Ultimately you are responsible for you and your growth, no one else can make those changes.

I believe in making changes in the most easeful and graceful way. This is not a boot camp but more of a gradual shifting of thoughts, habits, beliefs, and paradigms.


Are You Ready?!


I am looking for heart minded people that are willing to look at themselves honestly and do the work that is needed to make lasting changes. I’m looking for people who are committed, as committed as I am to helping you, who are ready to bust out of their old paradigms and comfort zones and become who they already are—the new hybrid human, someone who embodies their multidimensional Self-Someone who’s not afraid to go against the grain and walk in their own unique divinely guided path-Someone who is ready to help birth the new earth.

IF YOU FEEL THE FIRE IN YOUR SOUL BURNING FOR MORE, more joy, more peace, more vitality, more purpose, more fun, more adventure, more magic, more love, more feel good—FOR SOMETHING DEEP within THAT’S BEEN WAITING PATIENTLY TO EMERGE, YOU ARE BEING REBORN. LET ME BE YOUR GUIDE.

If you feel ready to take your spiritual evolution to the next level, to become your true divine potential and work with someone who walks her talk and has transformed her own life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, then click the link below. Let’s connect through a complementary zoom session to see if our energies are in harmony to grow, expand, rise, elevate, heal ourselves and the world.

If so, it would be my honor to be your guide, teacher, healer, friend and biggest cheerleader.

Click here to schedule your free 30 minute zoom meeting with me and let’s talk story.