As conscious deliberate co-creators we must continuously keep ourselves in check as far as what energies we are utilizing. Are we more in the masculine energy of willing or making things happen or are we in the feminine energy of allowing it to flow?

This is a challenge especially for type A productive people who want to be in charge and in control, like myself. However, there must be a constant balance of “efforting” and “allowing” for creation to happen with ease. I have to remind myself everyday as I am in the process of rebirthing once again and creating my next heart dream.

Truth be told, it’s not easy for me to be in the feminine energy of receiving and trusting the universe to deliver what I have asked for. I want to go out- take the bull by the horns and make shit happen. This last year of my life with my move to Hawaii has been about trusting and letting go…allowing the flow of life to take me where I need to be next.

Many people live in fear of not having a plan or back up plan and therefore won’t make a change in their life.  It’s easier to live in the comfort zone right? But what is the satisfaction of living in the comfort zone?  We don’t grow when we stay in the comfort zone. We came here to be explorers, to create and evolve- not to live in a box where everyday was planned. How boring would that be? It’s ok not to know what the future holds. It’s ok to let go. The universe is a benevolent place for your well-being.

I knew I wanted to move to Hawaii. I didn’t know how it would happen with no money, but I was going. Plan A fell through then plan B and plan C were all a bust. I even had plan D and E. They didn’t work out either. So I went to plan F. You know what that was? FUCK IT, I’m going.

And you know what? I didn’t die. Yes I had hard times and questioned my move. I even thought about coming home within the first couple of weeks. “How can I be unhappy in Hawaii?” I asked myself in frustration. This is my dream! I was frustrated, A LOT. But I stuck it out.

And guess what happened? It was an adventure every day and an experience of a lifetime that I would never take back. I had the most profound spiritual awakenings that my soul needed and I met the love of my life.  We are together now, planning our dreams.  I took a chance and it paid off.

So I incurred some credit card debt along the way, which some of my “well meaning” friends shared their opinion about: “Aren’t you worried and stressed out. What are you going to do?”  “No, actually I’m not worried, for the first time in my life.” I don’t look at it as debt, I look at it as a blessing- a gift from the universe. It afforded me a year off to pursue my dreams and evolve in my spiritual understanding and awareness so I can share it with the world.

I worked hard at not working hard. I sat with myself everyday and meditated. I had three profound realizations in a row during that time, which is in my next book that I wrote while I was there. Consciousness is everything. You can’t put a dollar amount on that. And that is something I will always have with me. No one or no thing can take that away.

Money comes in and money goes out. There is no controlling it and there is no reason to do so. Once your cup in empty there’s room for it to be filled once again. I have no doubt that my cup is being filled at this very moment. It is filled to the brim with gratitude for my life, clarity of my mind, peace in my heart, vitality in my body, and enthusiasm for the next chapter of my life with my Beloved. My cup is overflowing with love.

Life is not meant to be all planned out. That is death to the soul. We are creators and we have free will here on this earth plane. We can chose again and again and again to do something different. We are not stuck in any way- physically mentally, emotionally or spiritualy. We are in constant change of flow and evolution.

Now during this change of seasons from summer to autumn and the full moon in Pisces, is a perfect time to reevaluate your life and the things you want to let go of. Where do you feel stuck or blocked? What obstacles are preventing you from moving forward and living your heart dreams? Once you let go fo the old limiting thoughts and beliefs you make room for new inspired thoughts and ideas to flow into your stratosphere.

I am offering spiritual counseling for the next few weeks I am here at a special rate of 50% discount, that’s $75 a session. Seize the day, ignite your soul’s fire and be happy and free. That is how you are meant to be.

Remember, It’s easy to get caught up in circumstance, and it’s just as easy to break out in a dance!

Aloha and Namaste.

A hui ho! Until our hearts meet again.

All my love, Soulfire


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