Client Testimonials for SoulFire

“I have practicing dentistry for 32 years now pain-free. I started suffering with back pain for about 7 months and after many days of taking medication—from steroid injections in my back to Advil every day—I was given the name of a yoga instructor, SoulFire. I never thought that yoga would be my answer and was hesitant after hearing many stories of how you can hurt yourself with yoga. After speaking with SouFire and explained my condition I felt more at ease. She is very compassionate and only helps you do yoga based on your own flexibility—this is why you should start with a private yoga instructor. “

Who would of thought that SouFire would be my answer to practicing dentistry and enjoying my life pain-free again. As a dentist we all know what it is to practice with back pain. Imagine no more pain at the office and at home! An added benefit that I was not expecting is that you even sleep a lot better. SoulFire is passionate about helping people and it shows. She will help you treat your back pain in a caring and compassionate way. Thank you SoulFire for giving me my life, energy, and flexibility back again.”
— Dr. Ira Koeppel
Koeppel Dental Group

At the age of 19 while playing football I sustained a devastating knee injury. Doctors told me that I will never compete on the field at the same level ever again. I continued to play, which wasn’t a smart idea. Fast forward, four surgeries later, my knee issues worsened.

As a video journalist, I lug a camera and equipment, ignoring the obvious pain in my knee. I have had interns that have carried the 40 pound bags, but more often I perform solo. I visited several doctors, who have all told me that the only thing that will correct my knee is a “knee replacement,” all I could think about was the pain of yet another surgical procedure.

I produced a story on a woman named SoulFire. Her story introduced me to yoga, stretching and proper massages. After SoulFire instructed me on “how to stretch to strengthen,” I followed her videos on her website. After two weeks, the lingering pain in my knee began to dissipate. I could walk up steps a little faster. Four solid months of the SoulFire “workout,” I no longer need a knee replacement!!! My next venture, it’s on to her yoga classes….SoulFire taught me to “invest in yourself.” I no longer desire to live in the “survival only” rat race. Thank you SoulFire!

— Archie Snowden, Video Journalist

“I met SoulFire through Keith Boos at Boos Fitness when I was looking for a personal trainer. I began training with her twice a week to get in better shape for my wedding but it became much more than that for me. I look forward to my weekly workouts with SoulFire because of the knowledge she shares about fitness, nutrition and life in general. My wedding is over now and I’m still dedicated to this fitness journey and continuing to utilize what I’ve learned. SoulFire is an amazing trainer because she really tailors each workout to make sure you will see the results you are looking for. I’m so thankful our paths crossed when they did!”


“I started taking yoga with SoulFire ten years ago. Yes, it was yoga, but it was so much more! I had taken other yoga classes, but SoulFire’s class was different. Not only was the yoga great, but I found that I walked away from each class with special gifts. Sometimes there was a meaningful song, other times the name of an insightful book, and often, it was an inspirational quote or story. All of these things, along with the yoga, contributed to my profound healing and growing…body, mind, and spirit. It was a truly a journey for me. Today, I am still being inspired by SoulFire’s unique style of yoga. She is a true healer and beacon of light, and plants the seeds for learning and growth in all of her students. I feel blessed to have SoulFire in my life!”
Lisa M.

“My name is Christina. I was born with Cerebral Palsy/Spastic Paraplegic. That means I have strong tone in my quad muscles at times, weak leg muscles, tight hip flexor and adductor, weak abductor, walk with a mild scissor gait and cannot run or walk fast. I am now 59 years old. I decided awhile back that I want to be in better shape than I am in, and I felt that I would benefit greatly by doing yoga on a daily basis;. especially with arthritis settling in due to age and wear and tear. With CP you have to stretch and strengthen everyday just to be able to walk and function in your daily duties. My Chiropractor told me to call SoulFire (Stefania). I did and we met and she began working with me.”

“Although we took a long break in yoga sessions, I called her after my recent shoulder surgery back in January 2014 and said lets do this and get this body to be better than ever! Although I knew her a little bit by that time, I did not know all that she’s about until I saw her website. I was so amazed and knew right then and there that it was meant to be to get serious with my yoga practice with SoulFire, because between her yoga, her knowledge and expertise and her heart for her clients like me and my new vision and determination that we will together witness a miracle! I believe God has lead me to her.”

“Since we have been working together every week after my clearance to exercise after shoulder surgery in March 2014, I have made small victories. I can now sit almost comfortably in Indian style (or Easy Pose) and my hip is opening better and becoming more flexible, which is important with CP. Now that I am warmed up to my yoga practice with SoulFire, I can feel inside an excitement what we will accomplish soon and in time to come! I am so blessed to have SoulFire in my life to encourage me to be the best I can be. Namaste!”
— Christina

“I have always dreamed of having a yoga practice where I fully integrate all the aspects of the yoga teachings in my daily life. I spent many years exploring a variety of classes trying to convince myself I finally found ‘the one’ until I began practicing with SoulFire.”

The Transformation Begins…
“Knowledge is power and this is the first thing SoulFire ignited in me. She quickly pointed out areas of weakness that I didn’t even know I had, and there I was pushing myself in these classes and wondering why I had such difficulty doing the balancing poses?!! We worked on strengthening those weakened areas and as I got stronger, we began to build my practice. And just when I thought I fully understood a pose, SoulFire had more knowledge to impart. She is a never-ending stream of information!”

A Practice Unique To My Needs…
“SoulFire begins each session with an overall gauge on how I feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. She truly listens with a compassionate heart and an intelligent mind. I have come to enjoy our conversations that focus on integrating the spiritual aspects of yoga in my life and I also value the expertise she has in creating a set of poses for me to practice that is specialized to my needs.”

SoulFire Leads By Example…
“I am a work in progress and feel so blessed to be guided by SoulFire’s wisdom, integrity, beauty and grace. She inspires me in every way, and is the spark that ignites the fire within my Soul! She is the beacon of light that attracts other lights to follow. I feel humbled to be in her circle.”

Anne Oliveri

“After almost five years and three surgeries, I have been left with a tremendous amount of physical and emotional pain. I have been to almost every kind of doctor and pain management group on Long Island and NYC. I am currently being treated by my family doctor who has never given up on trying to find someone to help me manage the stress and pain of my injury. He recently handed me a business card with SoulFire’s (Stefania) name on it. I held onto it for three weeks, thinking it was another dead end. I’ve been down that road so many times. He insisted I call her and I finally did.

“From my first phone call I knew this would be different, because she LISTENED! This is a very different approach to my health. SoulFire is a very caring soul. From the pain in my leg area (from the RSD) to my stiff neck from the stress of it all, she is there to help me. From yoga and breathing exercises to massage and nutrition, SoulFire will teach you how to take care of your body and listen to what it needs. She will teach you different ways to handle your pain and stress. “She constantly reminds me that I have been suffering for five years and things will not just change overnight. I have to re-invent myself, care for myself, put myself first. She is helping me cope with my everyday struggles. She is filled with so much information. “I would highly recommend anyone with any type of chronic pain to meet with SoulFire–just one time…to see and feel the difference she can make in your life.”
Kim Scozzari

“As a CrossFit Box owner I know there is a direct correlation between core strength and flexibility between our program and what Soulfire has to offer! I have seen an increase in flexibility and core strength, not only in my members, but also myself. Soulfire is helping us keep our members healthier, stronger, and more mobile on a weekly basis. She is an excellent instructor and an even better person! Thank you Soulfire for all you do for us at CrossFit Undivided.”

Michael Van Bourgondien

“I am always humbled by the many ways spirit speaks to us. I knew of SoulFire through a mutual friend and after having read the story of this warrior spirit I knew that one day I would have the opportunity to meet her. One day while contemplating what I should do about my chronic back condition and herniated discs I began to think about contacting SoulFire to introduce me to yoga. But as with many things in life we sometimes procrastinate on those things that can lead us to wellness. So after much procrastination, I had a dream about SoulFire and in the morning when I checked my Facebook account, the first image I saw was SoulFire’s picture with a statement “I’ve got your back”. I never ignore a powerful nudge from spirit so I reached out and made an appointment to meet her. When we met I felt an instant connection to her spirit and it seemed as if my spirit synchronized with this loving caring soul. “During my first yoga meeting I felt like an infant just learning to walk, but she was so patient and caring with me, and although I was not ready to commit to this discipline at this point I did begin a journey to understand the many aspects of yoga. We recently met again as I requested to learn some specific exercises and yoga poses that would help me build my endurance for a surfing trip I was planning to Costa Rica. The results were amazing and I practiced what she taught me every day for weeks before and during my trip. I was able to surf two and sometimes three sessions each day and most incredibly without any pain. “I also recently went through a difficult health crisis with a loved one and during this time SoulFire, trusting her intuition reached out for me and offered a healing massage and I never realized how much I needed a healing until it began. “Forever grateful.” — Thomas Chamber

“A couple of you know that about two weeks before I was supposed to fight, I hurt my back pretty bad. I was so lucky to have SoulFire Stefania to fix it and also work on my posture. She is absolutely amazing and I will not ever again go to New York without visiting her. Hell, if this December fight happens I may even have to bribe her to come to Kansas LOL. She is truly amazing. She has a fan page that you all need to go and like!” — Jason Adams

I have been working with SoulFire for almost eight years now. I have been going through a stressful time in my life for the last five years and I am convinced without her knowledge, expertise, and healing abilities I would not be as healthy physically and mentally as I am now. The difference between getting a massage and getting one from SoulFire is that you can feel her caring through her hands. She is also a wealth of information for any questions or concerns I have regarding health and wellness. — Anonymous (Lloyd Harbor, NY)

“I felt so relaxed and a lot more flexible. I have been doing some of the poses each day and doing the foot stretch you showed me twice a day. I swear my feet feel better already. I have also been doing the alternate nostril breathing several times a day. It really relaxes me. Thank you so much and I hope I can book a session with you in the Spring… after my weekend trips to Mount Snow are over! Thank you for everything!”

Janice, Huntington NY, Ski instructor

“Since I was nineteen I had begun to develop a pain condition. It began to consume my life and take away from me everything I thought I was. Along with pain came dizziness, nausea, heart palpations and blurred vision. It took 14 years of seeing different doctors, having blood tests and multiple MRI’s, nerve tests, etc. to determine the root of my problem consisted of: fibromyalgia, disc herniations/bulges in my neck and low back, scoliosis and looses ligaments. The loose ligaments meant I have flexible joints that are not very stable. When I exercise, especially stretch, my joints allow for more flexibility than my muscles do, so I would constantly strain my muscles. Then with fibromyalgia, my pain was out of control. All of this gave me a mind full of pain. “Two years ago I began doing yoga at home with a few DVDs. I really enjoyed the way I would feel afterward. I found a school that had the style of yoga I liked and had classes that worked with my demanding schedule. When I walked in, my mind and spirit felt at home. My body was beginning to get relief of pain from attending the restorative class and vinyassa. My boss, who is also my treating chiropractor, could not believe the difference in me. He changed my work schedule to allow me to attend classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I was attending a Thursday Vinyassa class one morning when I met SoulFire, little did I know that morning would change my life forever. “I had never had an instructor like SoulFire. She was strengthening our core as well as teaching asanas. I left thinking, with my back there is no way I can do this class. After a little while of going, I began to realize that I could do this and I was becoming better at my personal yoga practice. Postures I never dreamed of doing, were suddenly becoming reality. Each class took me to a whole new level and I had no idea that the weakness in my back and core were really the main issue. This opened me up mentally and spiritually as well. I was no longer taking pain medicine and I really began to have compassion in my life. I let go of anger that I had been harboring for so long and began to understand that pain was what I was attracting to myself, instead of happiness, love and compassion. “My journey has given me a deeper understanding of what mindfulness is all about. Had I decided to not even try, I would probably still be going to yoga, but with my guard up for pain to come. My mind has light, where there once was dark. The person I was before all the pain is emerging. I simply cannot thank SoulFire enough for the path she has shown me, the tools she has provided in teaching such great technique and talking about the path she, herself, has gone through. She is a teacher of compassion, and a warrior of strength.” — Margie Corradina

“Crossfit is a major part of my life and it is widely known that crossfitters can benefit greatly from yoga. I have never felt more relaxed and flexible than during Yoga taught by the excellent and very flexible SoulFire Stefania! In the months that I started SoulFire’s yoga classes, I have become more flexible and learned how to breathe through difficult movements. I look forward to every class to see my continued improvement and apply the proper breathing technique in my crossfit workouts. Going to my first SoulFire Yoga class was the best decision I could make to help improve my flexibility. “Love #SOULFIRETHURSDAYS”

John Mark Sciandra

“I was referred to SoulFire through my triathlon coach Anthony Beck. I was having trouble with my left arm as a result of all the swimming I was doing for my future Ironman event July 2014. She was able to maintain my pain and she showed me special yoga poses to help stretch and strengthen my shoulders and arms. She also showed me stretches to do before I swim which helped me immensely with my training. As my training got more intense I starting having pains in my knees and neck area. SoulFire was able to keep all those areas stretched and free of pain with weekly visits. SoulFire is an essential piece of the puzzle as to keeping me on course toward my goal to Ironman. I have no doublets that with our her magic hands I could not continue with this rigorous training program. She is also one of the most positive people I ever met. Her insight on life keeps me very focused. She is able to make me see the big picture as to why I committed to an Ironman event with her positive insightful worlds. I respect her and appreciate all the knowledge she shares with me and I highly recommend her to my friends and family.”

— Mary Otto, Oakdale NY, Ironman

“SoulFire offers a unique experience where the body and soul function in complete harmony as one. Her variations of traditional movements charter deep into the possibilities of the human mind and body. Each experience is unique, offering a challenge as big as the desire of the individual. SoulFire has brought my yoga practice to new heights.”

Dejan Popovic, Triathlete & Ironman

I introduced my national swim group to yoga with SoulFire. I thought it would be a good idea to have the team partake in yoga sessions. Before this my team never participated in yoga and I was unaware of what it could do for my swimmers body. After the kids went through many sessions with SoulFire, I could easily see the benefits it was having on my team. SoulFire spoke of the importance of taking care of your body through stretching, core work, and meditation for mental health. The kids instantly fell in love with the practice. They felt stronger, especially through the core, and more flexible. Both of which are beneficial for sport performance. She challenged my swimmers in some completely new ways in which I am forever grateful for!

Marc Danin, Islanders Aquatics 2013

I sat down with my personal doctor and he wanted to know what has been working for me. Why I was different. I told him SoulFire Yoga. He was curious so I handed him a few cards that I had on my person. My doctor has gone on to hand them out to a few of his patients. Patients that had physical and emotional issues. The feedback from his patients was so positive, he needed more cards!! To this day. She is the best and has healed me from the inside out. Practicing over in India for months with many decades of wellness and health under her.. Soft, loving, spiritual and kind. Well, lets just say —I am a big fan. 🙂 Thank you my friend for helping me in so many ways. I will always “Have Your Back!”

Wendy L. Jarva, Owner of SicChic Fight Wear for Women,

“As an avid crossfit enthusiast I was excited to see SoulFire’s yoga class easily become my favorite workout every week. SoulFire is a very patient and hands on instructor who takes great care in addressing problem areas for each individual. I find her class to be extremely beneficial in enhancing flexibility and preventing injury. It is the perfect balance to intense workout regiments and is so relaxing and informative. If you haven’t tried one of her classes, I strongly recommend you try!”

Megan McNally

It’s hard to describe how in tune your whole body, mind and soul feel when SoulFire works on you. The combination of her yoga and massage therapy skills, along with her caring for every client, dissolves stress and tension. I highly recommend her services!

Randy Meyn, Masters Swimmer & Entrepreneur

SoulFire is a nurturing and patient teacher who inspires me to explore myself through yoga.  Her classes are intense, challenging and very stimulating.  But what I really appreciate is how she is giving me a deeper foundation of yoga. SoulFire’s direction whether spoken or given through a gentle touch are clear and comprehensible.  Her teaching style is engaging and her classes always bring me to a place of feeling inner peace, strength in my body and compassion to the world.

Dina Brown

Thank you SoulFire for putting me back together, your extensive knowledge of overall health and fitness has been crucial for me getting back on track. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work helping me achieve my goals.

Steve Prescia, US Navy Seal

I’ve been plagued with a lower back problem that causes what I’ve been told is sciatic pain. It’s gotten slowly worse over the years to the point which I can’t walk or hike and paddling gives me trouble as well. While I wouldn’t call myself a skeptic I was pleasantly shocked at how quickly   I felt relief after only 2 sessions. I have a hard time accepting that, but there it is, and I just wanted to thank you for teaching me something you are clearly devoted to. I do like the spiritual aspect you bring to the class as well and it comes at a time that I am redoubling my meditation effort so it all flows together nicely.  You have a rare and beautiful spirit.

Val Brinkman,  Sayville, NY

I am the lucky recipient of a relationship with SoulFire.  Sometimes  we are friends and sometimes we are mentor and student. Which role we choose I  am always in awe of her power and humility. SoulFire possesses physical strength with a tenacity that  pushes  human limits while displaying compassion and inspiration for those of us on the  side lines.  Her faith is steadfast, believing we can all push through all  our limitations, spiritual, physical and  emotional.

Heidi Bronz, Holistic Wellness Guide

Several years ago I took one of SoulFire’s yoga classes and thought, “This woman is the real deal.” It was obvious that SoulFire lived her yoga both on and off the mat. Eventually, I asked for a few private sessions, and our friendship deepened. SoulFire is truly unshakeable in her commitment to well-being, truth, and positive energy. I am constantly encouraged by her steadfast, intelligent illumination. Thank you, SoulFire, for sharing your work, friendship, vitality and insights with me. Humanity’s alignment with the light is brightened by SoulFire’s presence! Namaste!

Lisa Benson Ault, M.S., EYRT

It is my pleasure to write this testimonial for SoulFire, the Wellness Warrior. It was during one of the hardest mental, stressful, emotional, times in my life that SoulFire came into my life. I was blessed to be introduced to her and work with her. SoulFire became my Yoga instructor and massage therapist. SoulFire was able to take much of the stress that I was going through and focus my attention to my health and welfare. I was relieved of much of the intense stress that I was going through and at peace with myself following our sessions. I would definitely recommend SoulFire and her skills to relieve any and all of your ailments.

Frank Lepore, Special Ed Teacher & Lifeguard

SoulFire is amazing.  She made me feel so much better physically and spiritually after each treatment.  She has also helped my husband.  She is very attentive and thorough.  Not only is it a great massage, but she is such a sunny presence.  I look forward to my massages with SoulFire!

Yael Denbo, NYC/Saltaire Fire Island

It has been six years now since my wife informed me that the progressive inflexibility of my joints needed an intervention and that Yoga was the answer. Being the classic American male; a weekend warrior only interested in a good game of touch football… I wasn’t exactly compliant or agreeable. Nevertheless, having encountered SoulFire in another yoga class my wife felt that she would be the “best fit” for my obstinance. Kicking and screaming, I reluctantly agreed. Despite my deluge of expletives when placed in positions thought inhuman, SoulFire stuck with me. Ultimately, her compassion and innate ability to “connect” with one’s karma allowed her to quickly reverse my negativity and dissolve my skepticism. (You see? She’s got me using metaphysical lingo now). There are many styles of Yoga, and Yoga instructors. I will not pretend to know them all or their differences. I will only say that through instinct and empathy SoulFire appears able to dissect to the core of one’s weaknesses, fears and disabilities, then tailor an approach that maximizes results while minimizing apprehension. Her knowledge of technique and passion for Yoga is only surpassed by a tenderness of temperament and genuine love for people. I have never felt better. And…my joints now know they were hinged for a reason.

Dr. Larry Altschul, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.A.S.E., Cardiologist

SoulFire is a truly gifted teacher who is generous with her time, energy and spirit. She provides specific, insightful instruction, guiding her students to achieve their healthiest, most enlightened place. She enables her students to discover their own personal “soul fire” within themselves inviting them to let their inner light shine! I am so grateful for your love, light and inspiration. Thank you for being YOU and for instilling such grace, virtue, and passion in all that you do!

Dana Livoti, Intuitive Psychic Medium, Archangel Channeler

Working out with SoulFire my Yoga instructor for the past three years has made my life so much better in the following ways. I have less pain, I am 300% more flexible and was able to exceed my goals I set for myself when I first started three years ago. I am most proud of with all SoulFire’s coaching I learned to relax my shoulders. I am now considered a Yogy by my friends and family, I do Yoga at least once a day. I would recommend Yoga to everyone young or old for a better life, it has helped me sleep, eat, breathe better.

Mitchell R. Beckwith, Manager Technical Services, Air Techniques, Inc.

I have been SoulFire’s student for over three years. My first noticeable physical effect of doing yoga was increased flexibility and range of motion in joints. Yoga practice has increased my strength because the postures use my own weight to resist itself in balance poses and has toned my muscles. Mentally, yoga practice has resulted in a more positive attitude in handling whatever life throws at me. SoulFire is an expert in anatomy and physiology. She knows which muscle groups are engaged in each posture. She tailors each class to students’ ability. She explains variations of the posture, so each student can adjust to their experience and comfort. There is no “competition” or judgment in the classes. Each does their own practice according to their ability and progress from there. The contraindications are explained for each posture, so if one has high blood pressure or physical limitation, a variation is given. The students are supportive of each other and welcome newcomers. Namaste!

Marius C. Suditu, Electronics Engineer, Air Techniques, Inc.

When I first met SoulFire we were in a dimly lit Ashtanga class and I was new. I asked her if I could put my mat next to hers so that I could follow. She smiled and I felt welcome.  I liked the calm, gentle way she flowed through the  sweaty practice. When I was near her I was certain to finish the 90 min session feeling empowered and inspired by her graceful intelligent movement. There was something good for me about practicing with this young yogini. After class we shared our love for great books and teachers. We became fast friends, and I watched a wise soul reach everyday to attain her goals. Running races, raising a daughter, training for triathlons, swimming across the Bay, building her business, surviving and thriving, perfecting her teaching, always striving  to accomplish her aspirations, and reaching further still for higher ground. SoulFire is a light worker, a believer whose soul is on fire to heal. She believes in God, believes in her divine gift, believes in the goodness of mankind, believes in  miracles and never loses hope that all the world’s people will one day live in peace. SoulFire is the real deal. She practices what she preaches. She walks the walk and talks of the whispers of angels.

Cathleen Fizzinoglia, RYT

Taking SoulFire’s class is a journey in life. It wakes up your body, takes on a course to challenge and touch your inner self while building foundation to enjoy life. Corpse pose puts you back to sleep to start the cycle of life. Namaste. — Richard Domenech, Owner Black Belt Academy

Yoga is so much more than exercise for me. It such a great all body workout and it has greatly increased my flexibility, I see a big difference in my krav maga classes especially with my kicks. After taking yoga I feel this incredible sense of peacefulness that settles over my entire body, its wonderful! My stress and tension levels are greatly decreased and I’m able to handle stressful situations more easily. I highly recommend it to anyone contemplating trying it!!! — Stacey Boos, Personal Trainer, Brick Fit House Gym

When I met SoulFire, I was overweight, out of shape, uninspired, and depressed. SoulFire has worn many hats in my wellness journey. With each hat, she brings an open heart, intelligence, and an amazing sense of humor. As my yoga instructor, she has eased me into flexibility in such a peaceful way. At the beginning of each session, she would ask how I was doing and invite me to talk about and release any negative energy…and she would listen. Really listen. Depending on what my needs were, she would sometimes incorporate Thai massage toward the end. By the time the session was over, I felt like I was floating. Next was personal training. I felt like a warrior-in-training. I finished feeling stronger and more motivated. SoulFire truly walks her talk. That means the world to me. She is strong, healthy and beautiful, inside and out. Most importantly, she is human. Sometimes her heart hurts, but she has an unbreakable spirit that shines through in everything she does.

Lisa Sabosto, Center Moriches NY

Meeting SoulFire almost three years ago was a life changing situation for me in a very positive big way. I have always worked out and ate considerably healthy, but felt I was lacking a bit in strength and had way too much pain that should not be associated with a person who eats so well and exercises. I heard about yoga being so great for strengthening and reducing pain. After a few sessions of one-on-one yoga with SoulFire I really felt the difference in reduced pain, I related it to finally stretching correctly and strengthening my core thru the yoga. I will never forget what she has taught me and I practice yoga everyday now. In addition SoulFire has introduced me too Nikken wellness products and coupled with the yoga and my existing good diet etc. I don’t believe I could feel any better.

Mike Hennessy

A horrific neck injury took my golf game from the mid-70s to the low 100s at best. Shoulder injuries were such that I could no longer swim. Just one year of yoga with SoulFire has my golf game in the low-80s and falling, and I’m swimming like the fish I used to be. I assure you it is time well spent.

Joesph N. Rizzo, JR. Esqu.


SoulFire has been training us for over six years now and we have never felt better.  She pushes us harder than we would on our own and that’s what makes the big difference.  She really kicks our butts and that’s why we have never felt or looked better.

Mike & Tracy Iovino, Oyster Bay Cove, NY

If you want to experience yoga in its truest and most profound meaning, I strongly suggest that you practice with SoulFire.  She honestly and caringly teaches you how to make your body, mind and spirit extremely strong and will inspire you to look inside and rediscover the inner light of your very being, your soul, your divinity; the very essence of who we all are.  I have practiced with a number of instructors over the years and I must say that SoulFire is a rare gem among yoga teachers.  I have been a dedicated student of SoulFire for several years and I highly recommend  that you take her class.

Kathleen Bannon

In my 23 years of practice as a Chiropractor I have been in a continual quest for all methods that will optimize the human condition. Three years ago, I discovered the blessing of adding a Yoga practice to mine and my patient’s life. I consider Chiropractic and Yoga to be a literal “match made I heaven” I have been especially blessed to have been given SoulFire as one of my Yoga teachers. It is rare that you find so much wisdom, skill, commitment and compassion all rolled up in just one person, however when you meet SoulFire is quite evident that she possesses all that and more. I see SoulFire as someone who has taken her life’s challenges and transform them into an effective arsenal of knowledge, wisdom and skill that can be utilized by any willing person to bring themselves to greater levels of health, wealth and happiness.

Dr. Richard A. Mabanta, D.C.

SoulFire is a remarkable woman and teacher.  She represents strength, health, kindness, compassion, generosity and love. Her teaching and her friendship are a blessing to all who are blessed to be in her presence.

Stacy Plaske, Owner Balance Yoga and Healing

SoulFire teaches a weekly yoga program at my pre-school.  She provides my students with a nurturing and calm atmosphere.  The children love her classes and their motor planning and confidence has improved significantly over a short period of time.  SoulFire encourages her students to be animated and free spirited!  She has them move around playing breathing games, pretend to be animals and teaches them to balance while standing like a tree. She uses books, games, music and art to engage the children both physically and mentally.  Her classes are playful in a structured environment.  SoulFire is teaching them to develop body awareness, concentration and self confidence.

Robin Kane, Kiddie Care Early Learning Center

Having the pleasure of knowing SoulFire for the past ten years (we both began teaching yoga at the same time) has been a wonderful journey for the both of us. I am grateful to have witnessed SoulFire’s progression as a yoga teacher, mother and as a beautiful woman stepping into her power and strength.  Her grace and wisdom is a gift to all as she inspires from Truth and Love. I am grateful to know her and am happy to share paths together at this time, and feel completely content having her share her teachings at the Yoga Center where we provide a space of healing and peace for all to attain.  Thank you SoulFire.

Jacquelin Morrison, Owner of The Yoga Center, Babylon

For the longest time I wanted to try a yoga class. I finally decided to take a yoga class and it was great!! It has been six months since my first class and I now try to go as often as possible. SoulFire helped me feel comfortable since I didn’t have any experience when I first started and it seemed like everyone in the class knew a lot more than me. I am very active in fitness and had some neck pain. After just a few classes my neck pain has gone away. It has improved my workouts and has brought more calmness to my world. My kids heard me talking about how much I enjoy it and they asked if they could go. I brought all three with me 14, 12 and 9 and they absolutely loved it. SoulFire made them feel comfortable and taught them in a way that made it very enjoyable for them. A yoga class is a yoga class but what makes SoulFire’s classes so special is the way she takes the time to teach you with lots of patience and she brings a wonderful light to the class.

Todd Morena, Certified Personal Trainer, CertifiedBusiness and Life Coach

Yoga is essential for any athlete.  There is no better teacher than SoulFire. With her, you’re not only going to get a full body workout, but you’re going to improve your balance, coordination, and focus.  SoulFire and her teachings need to be a part of any serious athletes training routine.

Pete Vlahakis, Long Island Lizards

Practicing yoga with SoulFire has transformed my body and mind.  I attend her class each week and over time my tight shoulders started to loosen and now feel wonderful. Her classes are inspirational while challenging with postures that flow with a balance of flexibility and strength.  SoulFire is attentive to the needs of each individual student regardless of experience level. Each class will take you through a series of stretching and breathing exercises and end with a relaxation that will leave you refreshed and alert.

Lori Balducci

A year and a half ago I was severely injured in a car accident. I was left with daily pains and limited mobility/flexibility. Through SoulFire’s fabulous teachings of yoga and spiritual wellness she has helped me tremendously on the road to recovery. I am currently at place in life I never dreamed possible. Thank you SoulFire from the bottom of my heart.

Dan Brown, NYC Police Officer

“SoulFire’s approach towards life and yoga is truly inspirational. She is one of the most giving people I have met. She shares her passion and love for yoga in a way that is motivational. When I met her I was physically and emotionally broken. Her teaching has brought me to the happiest and healthiest I have ever been in my life.  She possesses a real gift with her ability to be understanding and cognizant of each of her pupils needs. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet her and learn yoga from her. Namaste.”

Jonathan Tibett, Smithtown NY

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