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Yoga Series: Arthritis and Back and Neck Care

In this three part series, SoulFire E-RYT, will educate you on enhancing spinal health, relieving aches and pains in the back and neck and safe exercises for arthritis.This series is for everyone however, as it is a complete education on health and wellness. Drawing on her 20 year health and wellness coaching career, her back injury prevention specialist certification, and her own debilitating back and neck disabilities 15 years ago, she shares how she healed herself naturally and is thriving in spite of what the doctors told her.

This series will also address the chemical/nutritional, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing the body as well, which is the underlying cause of all illness and imbalance in the body.

$120 for the three workshops/ $45 individually
(SoulFire is also a continuing education provider with Yoga Alliance)

Thursday, February 9th, 16th, 23rd from 7-9pm
Long Island Yoga Center, 107 East Main Street, Babylon NY 11702

All levels welcome.
YACEP yoga alliance

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“We Got Your Back” Workshops

"We Got Your Back" WorkshopsInspired by my own healing of my back and neck through yoga, chiropractic, massage, meditation, acupuncture and other healing modalities, Dr. Rick Mabanta and I created this 2 hour workshop to educate and move you to the next level of optimal health and wellness. During the first hour we will educate you on spinal health as well as overall health, body, mind and soul. We will go over the most likely causes of back and neck pain and then give you solutions to reduce and be free completely of suffering and pain. The second hour will be a core exercise routine that you can do in your own home.

You can heal your life naturally. Insightful and powerful two-hour workshop, Workshops given in conjunction with Dr. Mabanta, a practicing chiropractic for 28 years and a Yoga student for six.

You will walk away with a wealth of knowledge and the tools to start implementing into your daily life.

Suffering is optional! Be free!

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Testimonials for “We Got Your Back” Workshop

“We Got Your Back workshop was very worthwhile. Soulfire and Dr. Rick are a great team who provided a lot of useful and beneficial information and yoga postures to help us deal with an issue that affects so many people who suffer from chronic back pain. Thank you both.”
Linda Geyer

“I want to start by saying that I’ve been on my own journey for some time trying to find out how to take care of myself. I’ve been to chiropractors and purchased yoga dvd’s for back health. I didn’t know what to expect from your workshop but I was glad to see it.

“It was great to see and hear from everyone in the room. It really showed how many people were dealing with similar issues. Having a yoga instructor who experienced back problems and a chiropractor to incorporate his knowledge and skills was terrific. Going through the yoga poses with your guidance was very helpful as well as having the printed materials to continue our practice when we return home.

“Thanks again for all the effort you put in to help us along our path.”
Chris Ferrara

“They got your back because they know your back! Wonderful workshop! SoulFire and Rick have an abundance of knowledge and warmth that they bring to classes. SoulFire practices what she teaches because of her own journey with her back issues she can share genuine information. She is inspiration! Rick’s professional background along with his knowledge gave very important information on how to safely apply your body to yoga. Rick gives amazing adjustments as well! Thank you guys!”
Karen Britton, RYT

“One of the best yoga workshops I have ever taken, the combination of SoulFire’s passion and yoga knowledge paired with Rick’s scientific understanding of the body was really perfect for me. I learned so many new important facts about my body, spirit and emotions. How important is to remember to relieve stress and love my Self and my Body Temple. I woke up the next day back pain free for the first time in almost 3 months. I am so excited to take it again and I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who has had back issues, and/or anyone who just wants to deepen their understanding of yoga, and the philosophy of Self Love.”
Matt O’Grady, CEO Harmonia Media