There are days when we feel overwhelmed and alone, like we are carrying the burden of the world on our shoulders. I started to feel swamped and stressed out over all the things I need to do for my book. One day I will have an assistant, but for now I have only myself until I can get out from under. At least that’s what my limited mind tells me. Once I release those limiting thoughts, the multiverse opens up.

Yesterday morning I was woken up at 6:12 am, again. This has been happening for the last few days so finally I went to my Angel Numbers book by Doreen Virtue and looked up 612:  Have faith that your prayers, affirmations, and visualizations are manifesting with Divine timing and in perfect order. The more you walk in faith, the more you experience the flow of supply coming to you. What a perfect message for me. Thank you angels.

I then went to my phone and read a Facebook message from someone who finished reading  my book. It was a heartfelt touching message that brought tears to my eyes. I was so surprised he, yes it was a man, ordered my book and read it, but he did indeed. His message gave me hope and inspiration to keep on keeping on, even in the silence.

I took off for the day in my buggy and merged on the Southern State Parkway behind a car with the license plate 1 JOHN 416. I quickly jotted it down in my notes to look up when I got home that night. I then went along my busy day and everything flowed easily and perfectly. I had a magical day and that included seeing my Dad’s initials three times on license plates: FJZ. For those of you who don’t know, my Dad passed away a couple of years ago. We never had a close relationship and ever since he transitioned I see and feel him around me more than I did when he was alive.

My GPS took me on a back way through Huntington on the way to one of my stops. I ended up on Jericho Turnpike during rush hour, having to make a left hand turn. Not good. I took a deep breath and asked for help from on high and within a minute the traffic angels opened a space. I turned left and was behind a car with the license plate: A-Miguel. I laughed out loud. Miguel is Michael in Spanish. Archangel Michael is one of my guardian angels who is always with me. Thank you Michael. That was awesome!!!

Before I retired that night, after a productive and blessed day, I went to the Bible to look up that passage. Unfortunately I did not have luck finding it so this morning I texted my dear friend, who was my spiritual director when I did the 4o week St. Ignatius Retreat. She text me: 1 John 4:16: We know how much God loves us, and we put our trust in his love. God is love, and all who live in love live in God, and God lives in them.

Sometimes there are no words and this was one of those times. I didn’t have the time to write this today, really. I have so much left on my TO DO LIST! But don’t we all and will it ever end? Nope. The truth is, this message is more important than my stinking to do list!

I hope it brought some comfort and inspiration to you. Please know that the amount of help we have available from God, our angels and other light beings is staggering. We have no idea. They are there, ready for our call. But first we have to ask. Free will is our precious gift here on earth. Spirit will not intercede if we don’t ask. Second, we have to get out of our own way- meaning, we cannot block the flow of divine help and guidance with our filters of doubt and unworthiness. We must know with all our heart in every cell of our being, that we are worthy of all the abundance and blessings of the Universe and be open to allow it to flow in.

ASK AND ALLOW. Peace be with you. Peace be you. Peace.

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