There are many layers to healing, but the immediate one-stop shopping healing that most would describe as a miracle is simply a corrected perception of your Self. Meaning, when you come to know yourself as God, that there is no separation from you and the Creator, and you believe it in your heart, not just intellectually in your mind, then you have the divine capacity and ability to heal instantaneously.

Yes, you are human, but the human part of you is only a fraction of the largest part of you, which is non physical divine energy-consciousness itself.  And no this is not some ego trip, it’s actually the opposite. When you know who you are, that you are God in human disguise and you are not your ego mind, rather you have an ego mind, your life begins to shift from struggle and suffering to liberation and joy.

How do you come to know this? This is what I share with you in Living Light.

I have had multiple experiences of instant healing. One that stands out for me happened here in Hawaii last year. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling sick to my stomach. At first I thought it was all the skinny pop I binged on, but then I started shaking and getting really hot with fever. My landlords who lived upstairs both recently had bad flu, so I worried at first I caught something from them.

Then I quickly caught that thought and countered it with, No, I don’t get sick. However, I was getting worse so I crawled out of bed to the bathroom and hung over the toilet in complete nausea, feeling scared since it came on so fast and out of the blue.

I started praying to Archangel Rafael, one of my guardian angels who is the angel of divine healing. This usually works, but not that night.  I collapsed into childs pose on the cold floor next to the toilet and thought, I need to bring this up a notch. I chanted over and over again: I am God, I don’t get sick; I am God, sickness doesn’t live in my body; I am God, I am perfect health, light and divinity; I am perfect health, I am perfect health, I am perfect health; I am God I am God I am God; I am the light, I am the light, I am the light.

the divine connectionI didn’t just chant this but I put every once of my belief into these affirmations. God is only love, goodness and joy. So if I am God, then germs, viruses, illness and disease which have frequency of 100 Hz or so can’t live in my physical vessel.  Everything is energy and vibration.

I fell asleep in childs pose, not sure for how long, maybe 20 minutes. When I woke up I was 100% better. I felt no sickness at all. I got up, went back to bed and woke up in the morning feeling fabulous.

I share these experiences plus more on Living Light. I share practical and spiritual ways you can heal, awaken, grow, evolve and ascend into your light body.

This is not a miracle, this is simply evolving in your consciousness to understanding who you really are. That is all of our journeys.  This is why we are here in the Age of Light – the Age of Awakening, the Ascension has already begun beloveds.

Living Light will be public on the 22nd. I will send another email with the link to check it out.

Blessings of the most high!

A hui a hou. Until our hearts meet again.

Love, Soulfire