it pays to lighten upI have been a pretty serious person my whole life. Most of the time I lived in survival mode due to the challenging circumstances of my life… some of which I talk about on my website. My Dad used to say to me, “You are a survivor.”  Great, that’s how I want to live my childhood and young adult life.  When I look back on pictures of me when I was younger I never smiled, it was more like a sneer. When people used to say to me, “Have a nice day,” I would answer, “Don’t tell me what kind of day to have!”  I was a messy brat! I never used to laugh, barely even smile.  It’s really only been in the last few years that I have started to “lighten up” and relax more. Recently I have been going through another “upgrade” or a purging of all my old beliefs and outdated thoughts that no longer serve me.  I have been moving onto the path of a conscious co-creator and my life has slowly been changing to reflect my new thoughts and beliefs.  I find I have much more time to relax now, to enjoy life, to smile, to play and to laugh.  I have an abundance of love in my life, have an amazing new relationship and amazing good health.  I feel so blessed.  One thing I learned in my spiritual studies is that a common characteristic of “enlightened awakened people” is their sense of humor, and that our Creator, God, has the biggest sense of humor of all! I’ve learned that during times of conflict especially in relationship, humor shifts the energy and helps to alleviate tension. It’s not a tool that I’m used to using but I am applying it more and more.  Trust me, it works!  When you do add regular doses of play into your life you find you have more vitality and energy. People say all the time they don’t have time to relax, but you really can’t afford not to.  It is as essential to your health and well being as sleep and good nutrition.

being sillyThe most important component of your sense of humor is really your attitude. You can be super busy but inside feel serenity and peace and that will bring into your life more calming down time.   Remember this is all  temporary…breathe and relax into the wonderful person you already are.  All that you need is within you, but to access that you need to get through.  If there is too much noise and static you can never hear your soul and your soul will always lead you to your greatest joy and always want to play.  Take time for your soul and let it shine! Namaste.