Today I woke up and had a feeling that something good was going to happen. I didn’t know what and I wasn’t even sure about the feeling, but I decided to go with it and milk it for some good vibes. Even in paradise it can get challenging during these strange and changing times. I have been making a point to go to bed “in the vortex” so I can wake up “in the vortex.”  To remember I use this affirmation: “Go to bed in the vortex, wake up in the vortex.”

It must be working because this morning when I woke up I felt something stirring inside of me that actually felt light and free. I decided to roll with the mantra, “Something good is going to happen today.”

I sat down to do my morning meditation and within two minutes I heard my inner voice tell me to ride my bike to the pier and go for a swim. The last couple of weeks I have not been getting out as much as I’m used to because Karma, my four legged best friend, has not been feeling well.

I listened to my inner voice though, put on my bikini, kissed Karma good-bye and off I went on my bike. When I arrived at the pier, a local homeless man came up to me and told me there were dolphins close. I was so excited. I told him I had a feeling that something good was going to happen. We walked to the end of the pier together and I saw them. There was another man  looking earnestly at the dolphins, I asked him if he was going in. He replied, “I would but how do you get out?” I didn’t care about getting out, the only thing I cared about was getting in!  So I jumped. Usually I go into the ocean by the beach and swim out, but today I wanted to be with the dolphins so bad that I just  jumped off the end of the pier and went after them.

They were many of them swimming around and about a dozen people. No one seemed as excited as me however, which I thought was uncanny. I was laughing out loud for joy every time one of them jumped out and spun around. It was like they were putting on a show for us.

After about twenty minutes they disappeared and everyone left, except me. I floated on my back for a couple of minutes then went under water and said, “Come back, come back, I love you.”  Within minutes they were back- an entire pod swam right toward me. As much as I love dolphins and the ocean, there’s a vulnerability about being alone floating in the middle of the ocean with an entire pack of mammals beelining it toward you. It can be a little unnerving at first.

I assured myself I was safe and went under water. It was surreal watching them just floating through the water effortlessly in a pack with the babies too. They swam under me and around me a few times then came up. The playful one of the bunch did his jumping for joy show for me. i laughed out loud like a little kid. It was magical.

When they swam under me I floated on my stomach and just watched them, then without warning I started sobbing. I don’t think I’ve ever cried like that. It wasn’t a sad sob, more of a deep appreciation for everything- for the dolphins, for Gaia, God, the universe, the ocean, my life, everything. Words don’t do it justice. There was such a connection I felt oneness with everything in that moment.

This was one of the many dolphin stories I have experienced since I moved to Hawaii. I actually have dolphin stories from Long Island too when I came home over the summer last year that blew my mind.

What I’ve observed, is that they show up for me out of the blue when I’m in my highest joy and vibration, which makes sense. We attract what we put out. Dolphin message is all about fun, play and community. You rarely see a dolphin traveling alone.

I wanted to share this with you because all that is happening in the world can be scary and confusing. These are uncertain times for all of us. The dolphins message for me was don’t forget to jump for joy. it is still posable to have joy and feel joy even with what’s happening around us. It’s the only thing that matters, otherwise what’s the point of life?

I hope you can feel the dolphin playful energy through my communication. Be happy, find your bliss, go for your joy and when you falter, remember the spinning jumping joyful dolphins.

With love, Soulfire