stef1234-300x200I recently experienced a minor set back in my physical fitness. I found out last fall I have a pretty good tear in the meniscus in my knee.  Last summer I got the intuitive hit or message from my higher self that I need to do more strength training for my body, especially my legs and hips. I ignored that message and thought I could just continue with my running bare foot on the beach and do my intense yoga poses and not suffer the consequences. But my body told me different. With each injury or even illness or disease we experience  there is usually a lesson to be learned. The key is we have to be paying attention. Simple but powerful advice for anything in life…”Pay attention.”

Remember each day we wake up we are different, constantly regenerating. There is nothing stagnant about what’s going on inside your body. Billions of cells die every day and billions more are created. All without your will. Amazing!

It’s important to keep in perspective that even though we have this amazing body, it’s not who we are at our core. It’s something we have, it’s not who we are and it does not define us. Being in a physical body is a gift. Our body is the vehicle or vessel through which our soul expresses our individual divine imprint on the earth. It’s the vehicle that allows your soul to shine.

When you are in tune with your body, your life is smooth and harmonious. Your body is a finely tuned instrument that can guide you to the choices for your highest good when you are in sync with it, from exercise to rest to nutrition and pretty much everything. It’s amazing if you think about it, we came from the union of an egg and a sperm. We are pretty miraculous. Let’s start treating ourselves like the miracle we are. Namaste!

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