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There is no better moment on planet earth than NOW to make some real and lasting changes in our life. We are all going through an intense rebirthing process, letting go of what is no longer serving our highest good and greatest joy and rewriting our story that is in alignment with our soul’s purpose and our heart’s truth.

When you become a part of my Internet family you will receive access to a plethora of videos, wisdom, knowledge, insight and secrets on how I not only healed my life but stay young, healthy, vibrant and fit over 50.

Included are six different sub channels:

    Both of my sunflowers are on audio: Fearless Freedom Becoming SoulFire and You Are Your Own Beloved are available on audio. Receive the leaves of my book by listening to my words in a transformative way to help you heal on your journey. After each reading I invite you to sit and reflect and journal.
  2. THE NEW HEALTHY HUMAN: Practical and Spiritual Health, Lifestyle, & Nutritional guidance, plus learn my secrets to staying young and healthy in this new ENERGY of the new light
  3. THE WARRIOR WITHIN: High Intensity Fat Burning Workouts-my personal workouts  using dumbbells, bands, balls and other equipment- easy to do at home
  4. THE DIVINE CONNECTION: Integrate and heal with an eclectic mix of yoga, qigong, and whatever else flows through me! Full body, mind and soul movements!
  5. YOGA PHARMACY: Specific movements, exercises, and yoga with dynamic breathing and affirmations to correct and heal physical injuries and imbalances in the body
  6. SPIRITUAL BODY BUILDING: Includes the SoulFire Awakening: my signature energetic moving meditation, along with variety of meditations even for newbies. including pranayama (breathing meditations), chakra meditations, visualizations, yoga nidra plus more!

Each video is only 10 minutes. Everyone has at least 10 minutes a day to devote to their health and well being. Invest in yourself.


In times of our greatest pain and sorrow comes our greatest healing transformation—if we allow it. Let me guide you to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

This is your time to shine. It’s never too late. Join below!

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Monthly exchange: $22
Quarterly: $60
Annually: $216

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SoulFire Leads By Example…

“SoulFire taught me to ‘invest in yourself.’ I no longer desire to live in the ‘survival only’ rat race.”
“I am inspired by SoulFire’s unique style of yoga. She is a true healer and beacon of light, and plants the seeds for learning and growth in all of her students.”
“If you want to experience yoga in its truest and most profound meaning, I strongly suggest that you practice with SoulFire.”
“I simply cannot thank SoulFire enough for the path she has shown me, the tools she has provided in teaching such great technique and talking about the path she, herself, has gone through. She is a teacher of compassion, and a warrior of strength.”
“I have practiced with a number of instructors over the years and I must say that SoulFire is a rare gem among yoga teachers. “

“SoulFire is a remarkable woman and teacher. She represents strength, health, kindness, compassion, generosity and love. Her teaching and her friendship are a blessing to all who are blessed to be in her presence.”

“Her knowledge of technique and passion for Yoga is only surpassed by a tenderness of temperament and genuine love for people. I have never felt better.”

“SoulFire is a light worker, a believer whose soul is on fire to heal. She believes in God, believes in her divine gift, believes in the goodness of mankind, believes in miracles and never loses hope that all the world’s people will one day live in peace. SoulFire is the real deal. She practices what she preaches. She walks the walk and talks of the whispers of angels.”

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living light with soulfire

Monthly exchange: $22
Quarterly: $60
Annually: $216

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