My Thank Yous

The people that inspire me are the ones that most people wouldn’t look to for inspiration.  They haven’t done anything to merit the Noble Peace Prize, haven’t dedicated their life to saving the hungry and oppressed, don’t have a kajillion followers on Facebook, or super powers…they are just ordinary people but they have suffered extra ordinary circumstances in their lives.  While all of us, having lived a while on this earth will end up knowing the heartbreak and sadness of loss, there are people that have really known it…all too well.  I know people who have lost their spouses suddenly, their true love, their forever companions and the worst loss I believe is the loss of a child.  I look at these people in my life and wonder how they do it…how they continue on?  It amazes me that they still get up everyday and go to work with a smile on their face and… continue to be kind and helpful to others.  Having suffered my own losses; I know sometimes just getting up in the morning and getting out the door with a smile on your face is a huge task.  The holidays can be a tough time for people that have lost loved ones.  I am dedicating this blog, my thoughts and my prayers to all of you…know that your silent suffering and heartache is not in vain; know that you are not alone and your light, although dim, is still shining.  Thank you for being a true warrior and inspiration.