I awoke yesterday morning gently and slowly, savoring the time I had to be lazy in bed and the beautiful orange sky peeking through my window. “Happy Good Friday Jesus,” I said as I continued to lounge in bed, soaking up the good feeling and setting my intention for a beautiful miraculous healing day with everyone I encountered. 

I got up to do my morning bathroom routine and from the toilet throne I looked out the window and thought I saw part of a rainbow. I quickly got up, ran outside in my pajamas and stood in my driveway in awe as the rain gently drizzled down on my face. Behold! A full blown rainbow arching above the trees framing my yard. Rainbows are significant for me which I will share in my second book. 

I smiled ear to ear. “Thank you God,” I whispered as the colors started getting more vibrant. Wait, a second rainbow above it. “Wow!” I exclaimed. I just stared and stared taking in the magnificent energy of this magical vision. After 5 minutes it started to fade, then completely disappeared back into the sky. 

A thought popped into my head… “That was for you.” I felt so blessed as I walked back into the house, knowing it was.

One of the most memorable rainbow creations happened ten years ago. I was going through a dark and very rough time in my life, during the phase when my husband walked out on me. I was completely heartbroken and suffered from depression for almost two years. In the beginning of this time when I thought there might still be a chance of reconciliation, I asked him to do a photo shoot of me at the beach doing yoga. He was actually the one who encouraged me to start this.

So that day I had to be happy and light and smile even though inside my heart was breaking. It was challenging to say the least, but I mustered it up by thinking of other things…anything positive that made me feel grateful inside…like the beauty of the beach, how much I loved yoga, how my angels are with me…etc. 

At one point feeling sad and trying to pull it together, I silently prayed to Jesus and my angels. I said, “If you are here with me please show me a rainbow. I need to see a real demonstration now. I need help.” As I was in trikonasa, triangle pose, I looked up and in the sky appeared a freaking rainbow right over my head!!! I couldn’t believe it.

“Oh my God, oh my God,” I exclaimed coming out of the pose to jump up and down. “What?” my ex husband replied. “A rainbow!!!” I exclaimed pointing up in the sky. Not understanding the significance of it, I told him I had just prayed for it and waallla- it showed up.

There are more stories- so many more that I am saving for my next book, but on this special day I wanted to share this with you. I know many people are struggling and suffering now. I know because my business is booming. I have been doing a lot of spiritual counseling lately and helping many people through their dark times. There is only one of me however, so that is why I write these blogs and my books, in hope that it will help people feel better, awaken to who they truly are, feel inspired and even take the next step in seeking healing. I have been guided to start an online book discussion as well. It’s going to start in April. For those of you who read my book- it will be question and answer session, basically counseling, about how to take next steps in implementing whatever you received from my book that inspired you. Details coming in next email.

No matter what you are going through, there is always a way out- there is a way back to feeling good again. If I can do it, you can too. My connection to Gaia, to spirit, to God, to my angels, is not because I am special. You, we all have that ability. You have the support and love from above just as I do.  There is an army angels and non physical forces- beings of the Light- that are always with you- showing you, if you are open to receive it that love is everywhere, that you are love, and you are loved. Today is about the resurrection of Jesus but most importantly the resurrection of you. There is no better time to be alive, to be reborn, to recreate yourself anew. 

You don’t have to be religious to celebrate the resurrection. You just have to believe. Happy Easter. Namaste.

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