I decided yesterday that I was going to practice happiness…that I was going to be happy and let it show. Every person I passed by I smiled at and said aloha to. I sent out positive energy from my heart and practiced noticing and enjoying this sacred land of Hawaii. You might wonder why I have to practice happiness, why wouldn’t I just be happy? I am in Hawaii after all-paradise, my dream come true. Well It has been an unsteady rocky journey since I moved here two months ago, and the last two days I have had a lot of drama and anger directed toward me in the house I share in. It has been challenging going from living alone the last seven years to sharing a house with six people.

I’ve been looking for a place to live the last two weeks. I know now I cannot live with other people, I need my own space. I don’t even care about giving up a month’s rent and doubling my expenses. It’s not worth it.  My inner peace is priceless. Karma and I were verbally attacked the last two days by a person here. It was shocking to me because I have been nothing but kind and generous with this person.

What I am proud of is how I reacted to this verbal attack. I had the opportunity to put into practice staying detached in the observers’ perspective while I was getting an onslaught of unkind text messages for two days. It wasn’t easy but I went right into, “Do not take this personally. She is just projecting her unhappiness and unresolved neuroses onto you.” I know this because she has opened up to me how she is trying to heal.

I took it one step further, instead of getting angry back, even to myself,  I stayed in a mindset and heartset of compassion. I said to myself, “This soul is really suffering, she must be really lost and hurting.”  I authentically felt empathy for her.

I didn’t react perfectly, however. I let one text message slip. I’m still human after all. “Get a real job,” I responded to her text saying the same thing to me. She has done nothing but tell me to get a real job since I’ve moved in. Somehow she knows me and feels like she can give me life coaching. She even told my daughter that I need to get a real job, that writing isn’t a real job. I laugh at the absurdity of her rude judgments and don’t take it personally, but after a while it’s annoying.

I’m practicing seeing the God in her, but I don’t have to like her personality. And I certainly don’t have to live with her!

This morning I woke up and said to myself, “The world is a benevolent place and I will be the witness to the Aloha spirit all around me today.”  When I walked into the kitchen she greeted me with a smile and good morning and gave me a ripe avocado. Shocking, yes. Did I do that? Who knows, but I am happy that I didn’t let her negative unbalanced energy affect my happiness. This is true spirituality in practice.

Be the light, no matter what darkness is thrown your way. You can still shine bright.

Aloha my friends! I miss you more that you know.

May the blessings of our Beautiful God/Goddess be upon you this holiday season and may your heart shine bright.
I love you!


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