Private Yoga Instruction

E-RYT Yoga Instructor | Continuing Education Provider
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Private, semi-private, group or corporate yoga sessions available

Private sessions tailored to your specific needs. Because of my multiple injuries and being able to heal my spine, back and neck I can work with people of all different capabilities and experience from beginner to advance to disabled and injured.

I’ve been teaching yoga for over 20 years and have studied with Master teachers in India and Nepal as well as with Master teachers here in the West. My yoga style is more therapeutic, I teach people how to heal themselves through yoga postures, specific breathing control, visualization, affirmation, intention and belief.

If you want yoga for purely physical reasons, I can do that as well. I have worked with professional athletes and sports teams.


If you are looking to do something different for the next celebration, why not make it a high vibe party! Ask me for the fun details. Prices vary on package and number of guests.


Starting at $150

Discounts on session packages available.
Rates vary on number of people and how far I have to travel.
Fully licensed and insured.
Currently serving the Kona area on the Big Island, Hawaii.

Available to travel abroad for workshops and retreats.

Gift Certificates for All Services Now Available

Cancellation Policy: Please note, full rate charged if cancelled within 24-hours of scheduled appointment.

Private yoga with SoulFire

Testimonials for Yoga

“I’ve been plagued with a lower back problem that causes what I’ve been told is sciatic pain. It’s gotten slowly worse over the years to the point which I can’t walk or hike and paddling gives me trouble as well. While I wouldn’t call myself a skeptic I was pleasantly shocked at how quickly I felt relief after only 2 sessions. I have a hard time accepting that, but there it is, and I just wanted to thank you for teaching me something you are clearly devoted to. I do like the spiritual aspect you bring to the class as well and it comes at a time that I am redoubling my meditation effort so it all flows together nicely. You have a rare and beautiful spirit.”
— Val Brinkman, Sayville, NY

“A horrific neck injury took my golf game from the mid-70s to the low 100s at best. Shoulder injuries were such that I could no longer swim. Just one year of yoga with SoulFire has my golf game in the low-80s and falling, and I’m swimming like the fish I used to be. I assure you it is time well spent.”
— Joesph N. Rizzo, JR. Esq

“There are many styles of Yoga, and Yoga instructors. I will not pretend to know them all or their differences. I will only say that through instinct and empathy SoulFire appears able to dissect to the core of one’s weaknesses, fears and disabilities, then tailor an approach that maximizes results while minimizing apprehension. Her knowledge of technique and passion for Yoga is only surpassed by a tenderness of temperament and genuine love for people.
“I have never felt better.
“And…my joints now know they were hinged for a reason.”
— Dr. Larry Altschul, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.A.S.E., Cardiologist

“Yoga is essential for any athlete. There is no better teacher than SoulFire. With her, you’re not only going to get a full body workout, but you’re going to improve your balance, coordination, and focus. SoulFire and her teachings need to be a part of any serious athletes training routine.”
— Pete Vlahakis, Long Island Lizards