Did you ever look back at a picture from ten years ago, five even, and think, “Wow look how good I looked!” Then come to the realization that at that time you thought the opposite-you thought you were fat, had too many wrinkles, out of shape, blah, blah blah…constantly criticizing yourself and nit picking at all the things you didn’t like about yourself. It’s such a mind trip because even though we realize it, we still do it! A few years go by and we look back again at a picture of us and say the same thing, “Wow, I looked good then!” Never happy with ourselves.

So I say enough already!!! It’s about time we start to accept ourselves 100%, flaws, if that’s what you want to label them, and all!  Stop the insanity and the negativity. It does nothing but bring down our spirit and that doesn’t make us look attractive anyway. The most attractive people shine from within. They have an inner light that glows on their face. Why? Because they are content. They have accepted themselves 100% and love themselves fully. The sanskrit word, Santosha means contentment. YOGIS, you know what I’m talking about. Self-love and self-acceptance heals and also brings world peace. Get over it and love your Beautiful Self….in the NOW moment. Love and acceptance. Namaste. xoxoxo