Reiki Energy Healing Sessions

Reiki Energy HealingReiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

The word Rei can be interpreted as Universal, meaning that it is present everywhere or by a deeper understanding it means higher knowledge or spiritual wisdom. It is an all-knowing consciousness that understands each person completely, knows the cause of all problems and difficulties and knows how to heal them.

The word Ki means life energy, also known as vital life force or universal life force. “Ki” means the same as Chi in Chinese, Prana in Sanskrit and Ti or Ki in Hawaiian. It is the non-physical energy that animates all living things. As long as something is alive, it has life energy circulating through it and surrounding it; when it dies the life energy departs. If your life energy is low, or there is a restriction in the flow, you are more vulnerable to illness. Ki is also the primary energy of our emotions and thoughts. Ki is used by martial artists in their physical training and mental development, it is used in meditative breathing exercises called pranayama, and by shamans of all cultures.

Reiki can be defined as spiritually guided life energy. (Reiki, The Healing Touch by William Lee Rand)

Investment: $150/session

Reiki Instruction

Become a Reiki practitioner! Everyone is a healer and everyone can learn Reiki. It’s like spiritual CPR.

Level 1 investment: $150 | plus manual
Level 2 investment: $150
Level 3 investment: $175 | plus manual (two parts)
Master Level: $250

My classes are unique. They are one on one or with a partner and you will learn some yoga and Qigong as well.

SoulFire’s Signature Energy Healing

The Dragon’s Breath — a special purifying technique that clears the wounds and karma from the sacral chakra. (Where the name SoulFire comes from.) RECOMMENDATION IS ONCE A MONTH FOR DRAGONS BREATH

Investment: $150/hour

Sacral Chakra

sacral chakraThis chakra embodies the totality of our physical health and emotional well-being. It can bring us the highest degree of health or be the most dysfunctional of all energy centers in the human body. It is the chakra that focuses the life-force into building a strong and viable immune system, and keeping the physical body functional and active. It controls our motion and our emotion, and is ruled by the water element, which is directly influenced by how we experience our emotions. To know that who you are and what you do are enough, to have enough rest, food, exercise, fun and money; not to link self-worth with what you do or have; to create healthy boundaries to protect your vital life-force energy.

Qualities of the sacral chakra: well-being, sexuality, sensuality, pleasure and abundance

Location: Two inches below the naval and two inches into the pelvis

Age of resonance: 7–14

To bring openness and balance to your sacral chakra, you can do specific sacral chakra meditations, repeat this affirmation morning and night and also receive a reiki—Dragon’s Breath treatment from myself.

Sacral Chakra Affirmation:
I love my life.
I honor my body and treat myself respectfully.

I feel the power of healing moving in and through me as I affirm my worth and honor my body.
I trust my feelings and give them ample room for expression.
I lighten my body each time I feel well in myself.
I am a creature of light, open to my highest joy.
I am grateful for the joy of being me.
I receive pleasure and abundance with every breath I take.

Goodness, beauty and joy resonate with my soul. I am at one with them.
Healing happens each time I rest, relax and enjoy myself.
My body responds to thoughts of pure love and goodness.
I heal any condition that affects me by knowing my body seeks balance and regeneration.
I stimulate my immunity by knowing I am a part of God and God lives within me.
I promote healing each time I affirm my worth and honor my choices for love.
I love who I am exactly as I am.
There is nothing to change about the way I am. As I love and respect myself, healing happens naturally.

(Inspired by Ambika Wauters, The Book of Chakras)

Fully licensed and insured.
Currently serving the Kona area on the Big Island, Hawaii.
Serving Long Island, Fire Island, and NYC the summer of 2020.

Available to travel abroad for workshops and retreats.

The fees will vary according to the service provided, travel time and distance. Discounts given for purchasing sessions upfront.

Gift Certificates for All Services Now Available

Cancellation Policy: Please note, full rate charged if cancelled within 24-hours of scheduled appointment.

Client Testimonials

“I had a wonderful reiki session with SoulFire! I had been feeling out of sorts and felt a cold coming on to boot. I scheduled a session with SoulFire and didn’t quite know what to expect, but I was so pleasantly surprised! I not only felt better right after our session, but I had a great night’s sleep, woke up energized, and the congestion that had been building up was gone.”
— ​Habanero​

The Dragon’s Breath was truly healing! If you have not experienced it, you definitely need to! I went into the session feeling a bit stressed and uptight which we at the beginning of the session we discovered my chakras weren’t balanced. Immediately after the unique and healing session, my chakras were so open and in balance. It was amazing to see how effective and quick the dragon’s breathe worked! I left feeling so much lighter, calm and full of love and light!”
— Jen Carpenter

testimonials for soulfire

“I have been going to SoulFire for Reiki healing for a few years. She is nothing but amazing! She has a gift of healing that goes beyond anything known.

“Not only do I do Reiki, my dog had major spinal surgery in December with complications that followed. She suggested Reiki for him. I truly believe her special gift has gotten him to progress faster than we had hoped. He has even surprised the medical professionals with his healing. She truly has a special gift and a beautiful soul.”
— Kathy Moran