Spiritual Counseling/Spiritual Healing Sessions

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Spiritual Counseling

We cannot manifest what we do not believe. Ultimately it’s our beliefs that become our reality, not our thoughts. If we have positive thoughts but underneath (in our sub-conscious) we don’t really believe them, we will not manifest anything. If we harbor doubt that will automatically block the creation. Doubt stems from fear which stems from forgetting. That is why people say affirmations and write them down on sticky notes and nothing happens. The Law of Belief is the ultimate law of creation.

law of belief sessions with soulfireWhen we want or desire something that implies we don’t have it and that presumes lack. Lack is the illusion. All we need we have already—within. We must shift from “doing” to “being,” believing and knowing from the depths of our soul who we are—that we are a powerful creator of our life. Our prayer then becomes—help me step into the vibration of the God/Goddess that I truly am.

My counseling services will be centered around your beliefs, uncovering paradigms and belief structures that are not serving you and replacing them with beliefs that coincide with your vision and how you’d like to live your life. We will use a combination of discussion, meditation, visualization, and journaling. You will always leave with homework! If you’d like energy work too scroll down below…

Investment: $150 per session


Spiritual Healing Sessions: Combination of Counseling and Energy Clearing

Soulfire SPIRITUAL HEALING SERVICECombines counseling with Reiki balancing and clearing, yoga postures, breathing exercises, and meditation specific to your needs that you will go home with to practice on your own.

$175 session 90 minutes

Client Testimonials

“I have been blessed to experience yoga instruction and reiki healing with SoulFire. She truly is a soul on fire, filled with passion for her healing work and uplifting others to reach their greatest potential. This is why I had her on my show as a special guest—a very special guest! I highly recommend her as an instructor, healer and life coach.”
— Grace Grella, Intuitive/medium host of “The Grace Grella Show”

“SoulFire is a bright shining light of an individual and I have seen her many times for healing. In conversation she allows me the space to express myself and my feelings but always gently returns to the core of the situation, seeking truth and diluting ones’ illusions. SoulFire is the kind of person who lives so purely, standing in her joy, that simply being around her helps to uplift me toward my higher self. She is insightful, positive and genuine. After chatting with her a bit and receiving reiki, I feel lighter-more centered, happy and connected. She leaves me with helpful pieces of wisdom and things to practice in order to keep my peace. SoulFire is a friend, and a beautiful healing soul whom I am lucky to know.”
— Hannah Clock

“I will say that I’ve done a number of sessions with SoulFire and never know what to expect. But I have ALWAYS felt amazing when I’ve left, and she’s always left me with ‘homework’ to help enhance and continue the experience. I highly recommend you schedule some time with her today!”
— Sue Montana

“SoulFire’s approach towards life and yoga is truly inspirational. She is one of the most giving people I have met. She shares her passion and love for yoga in a way that is motivational. When I met her I was physically and emotionally broken. Her teaching has brought me to the happiest and healthiest I have ever been in my life. She possesses a real gift with her ability to be understanding and cognizant of each of her pupils needs. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet her and learn yoga from her. Namaste.”
— Jonathan Tibett, Smithtown NY

Online Counseling and Healing Services:

Do you want better health, clarity of mind, inner peace and ease? We are in a time of great change and awakening all over the planet. However, along with that can be crisis, confusion and chaos. If you feel lost, alone, disenchanted or have anxiety and health issues, sign up for my new online sessions. Work with someone who has twenty years experience with not only healing her own life, but helping hundreds of others from all different ages, backgrounds and capabilities. You’ll receive customized yoga postures, guided meditations, personalized mantra, exercise plans, along with lifestyle, nutritional, and spiritual coaching. Get the full package from SoulFire.

Normal rates $250 for initial consultation.
Special rate for new clients: $150

Buy package and save: 5 for $600; 10 for $950



Fearless freedom becoming soulfire
“Self admittedly I am the worlds worst casual reader but SoulFire has taught me so much that I gladly accepted the gift of her book, “Fearless Freedom.” I am a husband and father of two beautiful boys, but life presented us with a setback recently. SoulFire has become my teacher and her book my inspiration to immerse myself in my own personal alpha moments. Read this book and God bless you SoulFire.”
— R. Meyn