Ten years ago I went though a dark time in my life. I was depressed, not in the loose term, but really depressed.  There was this “sadness” that never seemed to want to leave me. It became my best friend- one that I could count on being there for me every day for about two years.  During this desperate time of despair I used to send text messages to God- almost on a daily basis. I was so lost that I wasn’t sure if God was in my life anymore. I figured maybe God would get my twenty first century way of communicating better.

I remember standing in line at Costco, feeling like a complete loser, sad and lonely. (For some reason Costco had a way of magnifying my despair). I pulled out my flip phone, (no smart phone then), typed in G, O, D, then the message screen would pop up. I would type something like this…”Please God, please lift this sadness, please help me, my heart is so broken and sad.” I hit send and off it went. Where? I have no idea, but the message always went though. And for a moment I felt relief.

Little did I realize that God was working in my life, God is always in our lives, but sometimes the pain and darkness we are experiencing blocks out the love and light of Spirit.  In my book there is a petal about this time…the second time in my life I heard God’s voice with a very important message that helped me get out of bed.

If anyone who is reading this or anyone who knows of anyone experiencing depression, it is very real and scary. I know it too well. You are not alone though. It’s the illusion to think we are alone; but even if you lock yourself away in a dark closet, God is still there and Angels still surround you. The truth is- we can never be alone. Know that there is an army of angels and loving guides around you always, supporting you and helping ease your burden. Just open your heart, ask God to work in your life and trust that help is already on the way.

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My latest book review…

“She is here now among us…… she has a strength few have…… but beyond that strength is the weakness, the hurt, the insult she has suffered…… few people can lay their story out like this…… few people have a story like this….. the courage to bare all, on the tear stained pages as she wrote…… and she wrote for her- yes – that she might heal the past ( and she has )…. but she wrote for us…. that we would be empowered by her story…… and we are.” ~Michael Braceland Smith