We long lost our connection to Mother Earth, Gaia, and nature. We forget how the moon influences our lives, just like it influences the bodies of water on the planet. The moon is alive and has a spirit, just like Gaia. We are One with All That Is, interconnected- connected. This January 1st is a special day of the New Year 2018 and also a super full wolf moon. The full moon is a time for letting go and fertilization. Take advantage of this portal to take time to go within and figure out and then focus on what you want to experience in your life. Personally, I’m making a new vision board and doing a sacred ceremony to usher in the new energy of the new year of the new earth. When I was in Hawaii on Christmas Eve I took the rental car and went on a road trip adventure to wherever I felt drawn to go. One of the places I ended up was so magical I sat on a lava rock by the water and meditated. I gave the Universe my Christmas list. Hey, I’m still a kid inside. When I left I noticed the license plate of the car in front of me and what do you suppose it said? WITHIN. I laughed out loud-damn they’re good! It was reminder to me that everything I desire to manifest in my life is already within me. The ancient teaching of yoga tells us this. The word yoga means union-to unite, to yoke and bring together-to discover our inner truth. It’s all within.

So how do we make the within, out? That is the million dollar question- that is the key to manifestation. We are Creator Energy. That is what we are at our core- that is why we came here- to create. What we think about, focus on and visualize is what we experience on the outside. Our mind is the most powerful tool we have to create, yet it can also be used for destruction and suffering. We must harness the power of our mind to use it as a positive force for good in our lives and for the planet. That is why making a vision board is a good first step at getting clear as to what we want to create and experience in our life. That is only the first step though; to stay focused on only those things we want to manifest and forget all the things we don’t want to experience is the hardest part-but it is a must. We must reprogram our minds. It’s like learning basic mathematics when we were a child. Before we advance to algebra and trigonometry, we must know the foundation of addition and subtraction. As a co-creator here in the third dimension of the earth-plane, we must learn the basics of creation, which starts as a thought in our mind, then pulls the dreams from our heart out with our focused attention and devotion. It takes time to manifest our “seeds,” remember, this is key. We must have patience, perseverance and the utmost confidence that our dreams will come true when we water our spiritual garden within. Doubt blocks creation.

Maybe you can take time during these next few special days to capitalize on the wonderful energy; release with the full moon all that is not serving your soul and your highest joy, and invite into your life all that will make your heart smile and your soul sing. Life is precious, life is a gift, don’t squander it on the past, worrying about the future, on the negative energy and the things and people that drain you (except your kids, can’t get around those energy suckers!)  Don’t give them any of your attention, instead turn your full attention to only what you want to manifest-only your beautiful life lived to your inner perfection and glory. Let go, invite in, stay focused on your dreams and don’t listen to the naysayers. You are the Creator, you are the Michelangelo (angel WITHIN) of your life.  Happiest of New Years. May we all manifest the dreams in our hearts and may peace and harmony be the vibration energizing our precious and beautiful Mother Earth. Namaste.



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