Yoga Series: Arthritis and Back and Neck Care

In this three part series, SoulFire E-RYT and Back Injury Prevention Specialist, will educate you on enhancing spinal health, relieving aches and pains in the back and neck and safe exercises for arthritis.This series is for everyone however, as it is a complete education on health and wellness. Drawing on her 20 year health and wellness coaching career and her own debilitating back and neck disabilities in 2003, she shares how she healed herself naturally and is thriving in spite of what the doctors told her.

This series will also address the chemical/nutritional, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing, which is the underlying cause of all illness and imbalance in the body.

You will leave with knowledge and exercise to do at home to improve your health. Qigong and meditation included.

$120 for the three workshops/ $45 individually
All levels welcome. Contact SoulFire for more information on upcoming workshops.

YACEP yoga alliance SoulFire is a continuing education provider with Yoga Alliance.

Not all exercises are suitable for everyone, and making use of this or any other exercise program may result in injury. If you believe that you may suffer from a physical or emotional impairment, we strongly recommend that you seek advice from a licensed health care professional before embarking on this or any other exercise program.

The information provided on this website, through workshops and other materials is strictly for reference only and is not in any manner a substitute for medical advice or direct guidance of a qualified yoga instructor.

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